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How do salt lamps clean the air?
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How do salt lamps clean the air?
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From: wayne
Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 12:49 PM
Subject: - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

I would like to get more information about the salt crytals,what is the area they will cover?the room size and how does it clean the air?



Thanks for your email.  Salt Lamps help to purify the air by releasing negative ions when the Lamp is heated.  The extra ions in the air attach to the oxygen molecueles and allow the impurities such as smoke and dust drop out of the air so that we dont breath them in when in the room.  Enough extra ions in the air will smell like the air does after a thunderstorm although the salt lamps cannot release this many ions to produce that unique smell.  A salt lamp contributes to fresh air in a room and is normally used in a 10′x10′ room.  You can place multiple lamps in one area as well to increase the effectiveness.

For centuries people have known about ability of Salt Crystal Rock to improve air qualities by enriching air with "Negative Ions " and ionized air beneficial to humans.  Salt Crystal Rock and lamps made from Salt Crystal Rocks are natural air ionizers.

Negative Ions produced by Salt Crystal Lamps effectively, and naturally improve the quality of the air by producing negative ions - the "Vitamins Of The Air". Negative ions can be found in nature, concentrated in air by the billions; on Mountain Tops after Thunder Storms, near water falls, forests, and by the Sea.  Negative Ions give the air its invigorating freshness, airborne bacteria free, clean, which is so beneficial for humans. 

Non-illuminated crystals (cool Salt Crystal, underground Salt Mines) produce Negative Ionizing effect, however the Salt Crystal Lamps which are illuminated from inside with a lamp (warm Salt Crystal) produces and emits a higher number of Negative Ions and delivers a more efficient Ionizing Effect.  Today, the health benefits of Negative Ionizers are well recognized all over the world.  While most ionizers on the market are man-made machines, the Salt Crystal Lamps are a beautiful, less costly, maintenance free, natural alternative of Mother Nature's to improve air quality. 

With time, the Salt Crystal Lamps will not reduce in size, color or shape, and will not lose weight, or their ionizing effect!

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Love and Harmony,

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Posted on March 05, 2007

Thanks for your great response about how salt crystal lamps work.
Amy  (Submitted by: Amy on January 26, 2011)

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