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Historical Crystal Series - An Introduction
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Historical Crystal Series - An Introduction
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Historical Crystal Series: Introduction

By Sylvia M. DeSantis

Maybe you use Pyrite to ground yourself, Quartz to amplify an intent, or your favorite Agate to center your feelings. Like the air we breathe, using crystals for specific purposes and with intent can feel comfortable and familiar; a coming home of sorts just by holding, wearing, working with, or admiring them. But where did it all begin? Many of us who work, play, and live with crystals in ways that reconnect with the mineral kingdom’s energies often do so without realizing the path has been laid for us centuries ago.

Although a popular part of all things “New Age”, stone and crystal mysticism dates back to our ancient beginnings. Some suggest stones first debuted as amulets to ward off evil or deflect negativity. Later, stones became sacrificial offerings, fertility talismans when worn, and protection symbols when buried in the ground around the perimeter of someone’s land. Some peoples even revered crystals as deities. The oldest legends lead us back to Atlantis in which evolved inhabitants of this advanced race both channeled and harnessed cosmic forces through crystals which, in turn, served this civilization as a tool of telepathic communication to their universal forefathers. Those who survived the destruction of Atlantis preserved their knowledge and eventually crystals surfaced again in ancient Egypt, South America, and Tibet where the pyramids that rise from the sand reflect both crystalline theories and patterns attributable to Atlantis’s great temples. The perfect geometric form of many of the pyramids actually reflects the laws of crystal physics.

Archeological excavations in Mesopotamia have uncovered Carnelian, Amber, and Quartz jewelry dating from the fourth millennium B.C.E., while in Egypt, scholars discovered complete written records of stones’ uses, properties, and healing powers. Ancient sources of crystal lore, use, and legend are limitless; historical applications of stones and crystals as talismans, healing tools, religious icons, and numerous other uses originate from ancient India, the Bible, Old Rome, Mayan records, and American Indian legends. In cultures where healing properties and energetic power often outshined outward beauty, crystals held sacred meaning. Even more recently North and South American Indian tribes used gemstones for healing, trading, and worshipping.

Crystals represent the record keepers of our age, protecting ancient mystery and store housing knowledge that can heal, guard, and protect the planet. Much of this overt knowledge was lost in the intervening centuries as the rise of the Industrial Revolution and two World Wars helped to sever us from our mystical, intuitive leanings and encouraged reliance upon quantifiable logic for our cues to living. But while modern technologies may not rely on myth and magic when working with crystals, scientists still borrow freely and often from these ancient fonts of power in creating new paradigms for living. The renaissance of crystals in today’s culture touches everyone, bringing crystals into a true New Age as they optimize myriad modern technologies, from computers to medicine, laser technology to radio waves.

In Healing Crystals’ newest article series, we will take a step back and uncover the beginnings of our planetary transformation by investigating the many realms of the mineral kingdom throughout time, uncovering historical uses of crystals in the Bible, ancient Egypt, Sumeria, Greece, Europe, the Americas, and more.

So many of us bring crystals into our lives to serve both functional and higher vibrational, etheric purposes. The next time you put on a gemstone ring, place a point on your altar, slide a tumble under your pillow, or drop a crystal into your pocket, consider that a predecessor—some time, somewhere, in some civilization centuries ago—may have done the very same thing!



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Posted on January 14, 2011

I am interested to know where in the Bible does it state that crystals were used. Please email with the title of crystals or something to get my attention for your reply. Thank you greatly for the information. I will add it to my sources.  (Submitted by: Cheryl on February 08, 2011)
  Very interesting - history certainly does repeat itself!  (Submitted by: Carol on February 06, 2011)
  How exciting! I am very fascinated by this subject and am REALLY looking forward to the articles. Thank you for taking the time to write them!  (Submitted by: tattingforspirit on January 17, 2011)

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