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Hiddenite (Green Spodumene)
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Hiddenite (Green Spodumene)
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Hiddenite is a member of the Spodumene group. The crystals that form as pink or purple are called Kunzite; those that are green or yellow are called Hiddenite, and those that form as white or clear crystals are called Spodumene.

Hiddenite is prized for its unique work with the Heart Chakra and has the wonderful characteristic of imparting the comprehension of unconditional love onto the owner. Holding or wearing Hiddenite close to the heart can release blockages of the Heart Chakra, thereby giving rise to a compelling desire to love simply for the sake of loving, without the need for power or control.

Meditating with Hiddenite can help one to achieve states of Universal Love and to pass these experiences on to others, without expectation. Meditation with this stone can also help to make or deepen a connection of love with our dear Mother Earth.

Working with Hiddenite can help remind us of our innate connection to the Divine, and in turn, elicit feelings of hope and of gratitude for all that is.

Hiddenite is a wonderful healing crystal, gently working on physical and emotional issues, including grief, and allowing for a rejuvenation of mind and body. Hiddenite also aids in overcoming addictions by the release of attachments through opening up the heart to hope and joy. The all-encompassing healing nature of Hiddenite assists in pushing out negative energies leaving room only for Divine Love.

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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for
Properties for Stone:Hiddenite
Primary Chakra:Heart-Chakra
Crystal System:Monoclinic-Crystal-System
Chemical Composition:LiAl(Si2O6) Lithium Aluminum Silicate (many times with inclusions of Chromium)
Astrological Sign:Scorpio-(October-23-to-November-21)
Numerical Vibration:Number-7
Location:Brazil, China, Madagascar, Pakistan
Mineral Class:Silicates-Mineral-Class
Issues and Ailments (Physical):Bipolar-Disorder, Circulatory-Problems, Ear-Infections-and-Pain, Epilepsy, Gallbladder, Heart, Immune-System-Strengthening-and-Support, Joint-Pain-and-Health, Mental-Clarity, Neuralgia, Psychiatric-Disorders
Issues and Ailments (Emotional):Acceptance, Addictions, Anxiety, Appreciation, Compassion, Coping-with-Grief, Creativity-and-Creative-Expression, Eases-Depression, Gratitude, Hope, Humility, Inspiration, Joy, Love, Self-Confidence-and-Self-Worth, Self-Expression, Tolerance
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):Connecting-to-Mother-Earth, Electromagnetic-Pollution-and-Smog, Unconditional-Love
Extra Grade:Beautiful green color, translucent/transparent, <25% matrix
A Grade:Nice green color, translucent, 25% - 50% matrix
B Grade:Poor yellow/green color, opaque/transparent, and/or > 50%
Affirmation:I am filled with universal love and share it freely with others.
Question:Are you a seeker of universal love?
Reference 1:

Posted on March 11, 2013
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