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Help with a skeptical family member
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Help with a skeptical family member
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From: Sonia
Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2008 2:37 PM
Subject: Sonia

Greetings Kristi,
Thank you for your answer well rounded and clear.
What will be a way to use stones to get the most?  Wearing them and for how long?    Few all at once? 
Their harmony come from identity of colour, similar shades?
My family is sceptical, I am not.
I use crystals and find great benefit in all aspects: mental, physical, emotional as spiritual.
How can I make my syster, who is sceptical, to use them, extensively, daily, profoundly, believing, exchanging, comunicating, feeling them?
Any tip?
I'll Thank you very Much


Hi Sonia :)
Thank you for your inquiry! I think the question we need to work with first, is the skepticism your family/sister feel toward using crystals. It is so easy to want to share our passion with others, but sometimes that passion is met with uncertainty and doubt. That is ok! You may want to introduce your sister to crystals by gifting her with a pretty crystal pendant for Christmas and see what she thinks.

I know you love your sister and want to help. Start off with a conversation where you share what crystals do for you, how they make you feel, and see if she is opened to the process, but if she declines, allow for that. All change comes from within the self and in its own time.

What I would suggest, if your sister is not opened to trying the crystals, is that you use the crystals you have chosen and make a healing grid at your home for your sister. Any type distance healing with a loving intent will work well. Check out these articles on how to build a grid.

I think adding the variety of crystals to a grid would be very powerful. You are merging the energy of many crystals into one healing  intent, which is very potent.  Pendants, depending on the crystal, can be worn as often as you like. I would make sure to cleanse them at least every couple of days just to make sure that the dense energies that can accumulate are removed.

If you have a medicine bag or crystal pouch, most certainly you can carry a few at a time. The harmony of the crystals comes from the energy or vibrational frequency they hold. Color most definitely carries its own vibration and the stones each carry their own vibration. For instance, the crystals that you have chosen to help your sister all have a higher frequency,  which will infuse the body with that frequency/vibration and positive, loving energy.

Love and Harmony to you on your crystal journey,

Kristi Huggins

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