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Healing with Crystals
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Healing with Crystals
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Subject: Healing with Crystals
Date: 03/03/10
From: Priyank M
To: Healing Crystals


It's good to be back. Well, I wanted to know how to use the crystals.  I mean how to use crystals for physical (migraine, diabetes, fever, aches, etc.) and mental (stress, meditation, focus, concentration) healings. Where to keep them/wear them?

Can you please clarify on this issue?

Thanks and Regards,


Good Morning Priyank,

There is no short answer here, as the practice of crystal healing can be quite varied depending on each person, their unique energy, each circumstance, each issue, etc. However, there are quite a few suggestions that I can offer to help you learn more about crystal healing and how to use the crystals for that purpose.

We have a wonderful, in depth article in the Healing Crystals archive which will help to answer many of your questions.

I would also recommend reading some crystal healing books by expert crystals healers such as Diane Stein or Katrina Raphaell. We have a great webpage filled with book recommendations that may be of help.

Ideally, when working with crystal healing on a physical issue, you would want to have the crystal touching the skin. For instance, in the case of a migraine, it would be best if the crystal/stone could be laid directly on the area of pain. It is always a good idea to check the Crystals and Cautions page just to make sure that the crystals used are safe for direct contact with the skin.

In the case of mental issues, generally, you could wear the crystals (pendant or necklace), or carry the crystals in a pocket or pouch, etc.The idea here is to fill your body and surrounding space with the energy from the crystal to help calm and soothe the area so that you will be less stressed, more focused, etc.

I think with some reading, studying and practical experience, you will find out exactly how these crystals work best for you. And, I also think you will find your own ways to utilize them in a very unique way :) Enjoy the journey!

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on March 08, 2010
  I hold them in left hand to receive energy......but in the pain in my right arm and shoulder, I usually sleep with the stone in my right hand. Find the stone good for your wishes or need. Pain, I like Infinite or sugilite. Energy - sunstone. see how the stone fits YOUR needs and chemistry.  (Submitted by: janet planet on March 08, 2010)

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