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Healing Stones for the Vital Organs by Michael Gienger & Wol...
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Healing Stones for the Vital Organs by Michael Gienger & Wolfgang Maier
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Healing Stones for the Vital Organs: 83 Crystals with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Book Review by Rachel Niemczyk

Authors: Michael Gienger and Wolfgang Maier

ISBN: 978-159477275-7

At a Glance:

Healing Stones for the Vital Organsis a wonderful book that combines crystal therapy with energy medicine. The descriptions are short and sweet; very informative despite the deceptively small length, but not flowery or personal. With a strong basis in Chinese Medicine, particularly the organ clock (aka energy meridians), it is necessary to read the first part of the book which explains these ideas prior to reading the second part, which describes the  particular crystals to use for each meridian. The individual sections for each area of the organ clock have crystal uses for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems; not necessarily an individual organ in the body. As a  whole, the book treats the body as a cohesive unit meant to be healed together, not as a lot of individual body parts and organs which should be treated separately. Considering all of this, Healing Stones for the Vital Organs is not the best book for identifying crystals or learning about crystal properties, but excellent if you wish to learn more about using crystals with Chinese Medicine.

In Detail:

Gienger and Maier did a superb job with this book. The first part of the book, Ancient
Tools for Timely Healing, explains all of the ideas and aspects of Chinese Medicine necessary to truly understand and appreciate this book. The thought process underlying the entire book is logic, not intuition. If you prefer your crystal books to read more like a conversation between friends than a teacher educating a student, you may want to choose a different book to guide you on your crystal journey.

The language is straightforward and makes potentially difficult subjects, for example calculating “real time” as your body knows it, easy to understand. Each of the more in-depth sections has a summary at the end to make learning this as easy as possible. All of this was supplemented with beautiful pictures and graphs which helped explain these ideas further and were invaluable when describing organ points and zones on the body and different ways to clean crystals.

As stated earlier, the organ clock described in this book coincides with ideas of energy meridians in the body. Consequently, if you already have an interest in meridians this book will help you learn more about how they work, their location in the body (an image is given at the start of each meridian’s section), what physical/mental/emotional/spiritual concepts belong to each meridian, and which crystals can best help with each of those concepts. Each meridian section opens with a brief description of what the meridian encompasses (which gets more detailed throughout that particular chapter) and ends with general tips on how to strengthen the meridian without crystals.

It should be noted that only 83 crystals are mentioned in this book. There are eight crystals per meridian, with a few that can be used for different meridians. The same eight crystals are used whether the meridian is describing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual uses for crystals, so be sure to use your own judgment on works best for you. (For example, I have some Selenite pieces that are wonderful for physical healing, but others which I can only use when meditating). The images of the crystals are not ideal; they are beautiful, but repeated throughout the book so only one image of the same crystal is used. Therefore, this book should not be used to identify crystals so much as provide knowledge of how these crystals can enhance your health.

If you consider the purpose of Healing Stones for the Vital Organs: 83 Crystals with Traditional Chinese Medicine Gienger and Maier achieve their goal fantastically well. This book isn’t the best to learn about how to pick, clean, identify crystals and their properties, although you do learn about each of those things to varying extents. Its focus is on healing the body with a combination of crystals and Chinese Medicine. The topic matter makes it difficult to pick and choose a chapter to read from this book randomly, but by reading it front to back you gain an understanding of the topic and appreciation for the body as a cohesive unit.

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Posted on February 22, 2016
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