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Healing Crystals March 2017 Newsletter
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Healing Crystals March 2017 Newsletter
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Dearest Crystal Lovers,

Hope your March has been excellent and you are preparing to launch into the new season of spring! 

We have exciting news here at Healing Crystals, as we have added new healers to our team! The new consultants are sharing with our community their knowledge on a range of disciplines including health, tarot, astrology, manifestation, yoga, and more on our social media pages. If you do not follow us on Facebook or Instagram, I encourage you to do so! 

The consultants are sharing their knowledge daily on Facebook and also offering incredible one-on-one sessions, eBooks, or classes to assist you with harnessing your personal spiritual journey. To get to know just a few of our consultants, please visit any of the links following below and also check out their incredible services!  

We also received a new shipment of Amethyst Geodes directly from Brazil.  These beautiful Amethyst Cathedral Geode Specimens from Brazil are a deep purple color and have wonderful crystal formations.  Amethyst Cathedrals not only make beautiful display pieces, but also infuse your space with powerful healing energy.  Click on this link to see our selection of Amethyst and Citrine Geodes.  


Wishing you a healthy & happy spring!

Esosa E.

HC Social Media Manager & Creator of

Preparing for Expansion - Spring Cleaning for Body, Mind, & Spirit

By Esosa E.

Spring is almost upon us! We all associate spring with new life, beautiful buds beginning to bloom in the trees, and better weather. I’m sure you have also heard of the term “spring cleaning.” The thing about any kind of growth or new life is that it requires that we get rid of the old to make room for the new. As we move into this approaching new season, take some time to take stock in your own life.

Ask yourself: what personal objects are you holding onto that you no longer need? What associations - whether personal or business - should be released or transformed? Are there habits that are getting in the way of your success that you need to change? Take some time alone with yourself to journal about these things.

My background is primarily in the world of health and diet, but I believe that how we treat our bodies very much affects our mind and spirit. The equivalent of “spring cleaning” for the body is to take on a detox. Are you feeling sluggish or low on energy? Is your skin dull or are you experiencing breakouts? It may be time for a detox. To cleanse the body there are many things you can try including 1) Juice Fasting, 2) Parasite Cleanse, 3) Partial Fast. With Juice Fasting or feasting you would consume fresh vegetable juice for 1-3 days maximum (if you are a newbie to fasting) in order to give the digestive system a break and allow the body to flush out toxins. A Parasite Cleanse involves taking herbs that you can find over the counter to rid the body of worms that may be sapping your nutrition, energy, and causing other health complications. Everyone should do regular yearly parasite cleansing as you can pick them up from contaminated water, pets, travel etc. On a partial fast, you can choose what food items you want to leave out of your diet and the duration. You could use the mornings to do juices or smoothies, and eliminate all meat or processed foods for a few days. It’s up to you.

I encourage you to think about it because, as you release waste or toxins from body, your aura can open up. There’s a lightness that occurs and allows you to think clearer, receive Divine insight, and live your best, most energized life. When you combine a toxin-free body with the power of crystals, magic can happen. Here’s to your incredible spring cleaning experience and to all the amazing things that flood your life once you have the courage to release the old!


Esosa E.  (Aka Raw Girl)

Creator of

Author of The Acne-Free Diet

Author of Parasites, Be Gone!

Also check out my 7 DAY DETOX for Beauty, Weight loss, Rejuvenation!

If you need support with detox or health issues you’re currently experiencing, please reach out to me to set up a free 15-minute session via my Healing Crystals consultant page:

The Wisdom of Your Season

By Rachael Marie Shaffer

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” ~Albert Camus

 I feel called to share something that we're all familiar with, but we sometimes forget its application within our own lives. Everything in our experience that is cyclical and process-oriented goes through SEASONS, much like the weather. Some examples of those experiences are relationships, finances, healing, and career- to name a few. It's not only helpful to know which season you are experiencing, but also what actions are called for in each season.

 If you are currently weathering the SPRING of the actualization process, it's time for you to make a decision. This is a time for planting seeds. Commit to what it is you would like to achieve and make an action plan. Realistic goals are the strongest seeds and a supportive, encouraging environment makes the most fertile soil. If you're surrounded by pessimism and criticism, that's like planting right over concrete. The roots don't have a chance to ground this plan(t). So be mindful in setting yourself up for success.

 Have you already committed to a plan and decided exactly what you want to reap? Then, in the SUMMER, it's time to protect and nurture those seeds. Fertilize them with positive thoughts, water them with gratitude, and fence them in with faith in what will be actualized into your life. You will begin to see the sprouts and shoots through synchronicities and opportunities to take action. Weed out any doubts and negative self-talk. Patience is important at this time, as reaping would be premature. There is a certain MAGIC in the process of growing a seed to fruition, and the manifestation process is the same. We can't pull on the sprouts and shoots to help them along, so take a hands-off approach in this phase and let the magic happen. Manage what you can, which is your mindset and expectations.

Next is the FALL, which is HARVEST season. The fruits of your labor are finally tangible! Here you are called to open your mind and heart to receive and accept what has grown due to your efforts. Again, managing your expectations will be called for, as you've probably already experienced actualizing in an unexpected way. This is also a time of celebration and giving thanks for everything that has been provided. Your desires are ripe for the picking, so it will feel much easier to go out make things happen. 

 WINTER is the most challenging season for many people with a big dream in their hearts, whether it be a longing for love, wealth, success, or acknowledgment of any kind. If you sense that you're in the winter season, take heart. Please find SOLACE in that you are intended to take a pause and rest at this time. REFLECT on the entire cycle, spring-summer-harvest, that you've just left behind, but do so with compassion and curiosity. This is a great time for assessing what worked and what didn't and learning for next time. And when you're able to feel the closure of the winter upon you, be prepared to plant your next crop.

      This was written and sent on its way to you with the




I hope that seed blossoms in your HEART!

If you need support weathering the season you’re currently experiencing, reach out to me to set up a free 15 minute empowerment session via my Healing Crystals consultant page:

Warmest Wishes,


Ruminations on Manifestation

By Shelley Poovey

Releasing codependent thinking is an important part of speaking the universal language of manifestation. It shifts us into an empowerment paradigm, where manifestation becomes easier. We become co-creators, working in harmony with the universal forces of nature. Without codependent behaviors driving our decisions, we are free to receive and work with all our resources independently. 

Technically, manifestation itself is easy. Life is in essence a gift and all that comes with it is truly magnificent. From an energetic perspective we are already forces of nature that are becoming, unfolding, and being every moment of every day.

However, it is not always possible to access that level of awareness in our everyday experiences, feeling confined by a mundane reality, feeling that our full potential is being blocked or restricted by our current circumstances.

Sometimes we are ready to take the gift of life and make the magnificence shine brighter, full of more awareness, more peace, and more joy on a daily basis.

Sometimes we feel a desire to shift our energies toward feeling better, toward developing new relationships, creating something new but are feeling stuck. 

Sometimes we accept life in ways that are not beneficial for us and it takes an illness, trauma, or disruption to help us realize we need change even if we do not feel ready or capable.

When we decide to step outside our comfort zone, it’s good to have the proper tools and guidance to make the process fully effective, leaving behind codependent patterns of behavior, the entanglements that keep us feeling trapped and blocked.

The essence of codependent behavior is the victim-rescuer-abuser dynamic. If you are unhappy with your current circumstances or looking to build on what’s working for you, you might find yourself feeling like a victim, or having been abused.

You might find yourself leaning a little too hard on the powers of the universal forces, expecting a miraculous, instantaneous recovery. Expecting a grand sorcerer to ride in on a glittery unicorn, rescuing you from the pain, anguish, and unpleasantness you are feeling right now.

And when the miracle doesn’t happen? A codependent feels abandoned by the universe, sabotaging all the progress that may have been happening in the form of opportunities for healing, for redirecting energy as it arises in new directions. Instead of feeling rejected, an empowered co-creator takes everything that comes as information to be used toward manifesting their desired outcomes. 

Plain and simple: Codependency has no place in the process of manifesting intention. In order to fully harness the power of co-creation you have to let go of the old victim-abuser-rescuer paradigm.

Co-Creation Embraces Neutrality, Curiosity, Desire, And Positive Emotions As The Proper Tools For Creating The Live You Love Right Now.

For more information on my services and offerings, check out my Healing Crystals consultant page:



The Purpose of Astrology, Tarot and Numerology

By Austin Muhs

Simply and concisely speaking, my view on Astrology and Tarot is vastly different than most other devotees. I believe that Astrology is intricately linked to human psychology and not necessarily to the location of physical planets in space—contrary to what most other astrologers believe.

Astrology and Tarot are tools to greater harmony and success

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations studied Astrology hoping to understand psychological tendencies of the world’s vast civilizations. Devotees first started studying nature hoping to gain insight on their own aptitudes and shortcomings and to gauge their own spiritual progress. I believe that Tarot, Numerology, and Astrology should be viewed always with a positive attitude. It matters not what cards life has dealt you; we always have the ability to overcome the shadow sides of our nature. We do not need to completely discard the ego as many New Age thinkers believe and teach. Everyone, no matter how challenged, has a pathway to a fulfilling life. The only choice is whether or not to walk that path. I can help anyone open the door to success and learn just what their true nature is. I can guide you onto the path of doing what you were born to do.

The History of the Tarot

The Tarot is an ancient hermetic art, dating back over 5,000 years; it dates back all the way to Prehistoric Egypt and ancient Ireland.  This is in harsh contradiction to many peoples’ idea that it comes from fortune tellers during Renaissance Europe.  As an aside, the word “Torah”, is based upon the word “Tarot”, which simply means truth.  The Tarot is based upon your own current subconscious psychological disposition.  The cards are directly linked to your subconscious, as your subconscious speaks in symbols, it does not usually communicate in words… That’s why when we dream, we dream in symbols, not in lectures.

This is the power of the Tarot; the subconscious is like a foreign planet to most people.  It would be the equivalent of us vacationing on a planet such as Jupiter, where we would have no idea who, what, why or how things go on there in that foreign environment.  The important thing to remember is that the subconscious is easily explorable with a little bit of work, but many people will voluntarily choose to never explore this fascinating world within.  This is where I come in and use Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot, to provide the training wheels so that others can feel safe to start to ride this bike of self-discovery on their own!  To create your true self, and to find your own highest spiritual purpose in this world, is the way to a really fulfilling life.  That’s what I want to help everyone achieve.  Am I naive enough to think everyone is interested in such a journey?  Certainly not!  Not everyone really cares about the deeper issues within themselves or within the world, but the few that do; are who I really hope to reach at the end of the day.

Check out the Healing Crystals Facebook page for my Daily Tarot Horoscopes. For personal readings, check out my consultation page:



Posted on March 30, 2017
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