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Healing Crystals February 2013 Newsletter
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Healing Crystals February 2013 Newsletter
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February is here, and in Virginia, winter has us firmly in its grasp here at the Healing Crystals warehouse. The temperature is in the single digits most days, and the winds are harsh and bitter. Yet in the midst of such frigid weather, we find the promise of spring in the near future, and the warmth of love and affection on Valentine's Day.

February is a great month for looking ahead. The month itself begins with Groundhog Day, where the groundhog reportedly predicts the advent of an early spring or an extension of the existing winter. Though the oracular powers of the groundhog are often questioned, February still presents us with an excellent opportunity to look ahead into the coming months and plan for our future.

This month, we celebrate the oracular theme of February with an article about our new HC Crystal Oracle Cards by popular Healing Crystals author Lourdes Lebron, Reiki master and crystal enthusiast. These new Crystal Cards debuted in January on our website, and are already a popular item. In her article, "Crystals for Caregivers", Lourdes discusses a number of different ways to use the cards, including divination, energy work and grids. This article is a great introduction to using the Crystal Cards.

Of course, February is best known for Valentine's Day, the day when love and affection warms us and our loved ones against the chill of winter. Our second article, "Crystals for Love", by Crystal Cosmopolitan, offers a number of different crystals for use in promoting and strengthening love. Crystal Cosmopolitan, a long time card reader, crystal healer and teacher, offers us a number of excellent crystals that can be used to increase our affections, deepen our feelings, and remind us to open our hearts to those we love. She reminds us that just as there are many kinds of love, so too are there many kinds of crystals that resonate and amplify those feelings.

Stay warm, stay safe, and spread a little love and good will.

Jim Boland

General Manager

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Crystals for Love

By Crystal Cosmopolitan


“Love can heal.
Love can renew.
Love can make us safe.
Love can inspire us with its power.
Love can bring us closer to God.”

The Path to Love, Deepak Chopra

There are many legends about the origin of St. Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th, by exchanging gifts and symbols of love.  First associated with romantic love in England in the Middle Ages, it has since become one of the most popular holidays throughout the world.  Whether we are looking forward to the romance of it, or dislike it because of its commercialization, we could envision it as a day to remind ourselves about, and reconnect to, all the people we love and who love us.  Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned author and expert on mind/body healing, suggests that the keys to successful relationships are the three A’s: attention, appreciation, and affection.  To help you open your heart, pay attention to, appreciate, and be affectionate with those that you care about, try using some of the following crystals:


Known as one of the most powerful cleansers and energizers of both the Root and the Heart chakra, Ruby is known for increasing vitality and passion.  It improves self-confidence, brings courage, stimulates sexual energy and desire and opens us up for new experiences.

For those for whom the energy of Ruby alone may be too strong, Ruby in Zoisite, a.k.a. Anyolite, might be a better choice.  It balances the heart, releases long-held pain, and transmutes it into a sense of well-being.  By balancing and healing the heart, it is also helping us to intuitively harmonize our relationships with others.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most universally recognized LOVE stones throughout the world.  Since it is most commonly described as a crystal that brings new love into our lives, in addition to wearing it, Feng Shui experts recommend placing it into the “relationship” corner of the house and also next to your bed.  However, crystal healers emphasize this stone’s ability to release emotional pain, increase self-love and build healthy self-esteem. 


Rhodochrosite supports spontaneous expressions of feelings and affections. It is a great stone for those who are hesitant in revealing their true feelings because of past experiences.  This stone helps heal the wounds of the past and supports one’s inner child through empathy and compassion.  Some crystal writers refer to it as a stone that helps one attract their soulmate.


Red Garnet stimulates the Root, the Sacral, and the Heart chakras, bringing stability, increased sexual energy and devotion into relationships.  It assists in releasing energetic blocks and opens us to receive love and affection.  It is generally known as a stone of fidelity and one that solidifies a committed relationship.


The key words for the healing properties of Green Aventurine are that it is comforting, healing, and harmonizing. While green is one of the colors that assist the Heart chakra (in addition to pink and some varieties of red), green Aventurine specifically brings a renewed joy, lightness, and optimism.  It supports emotional stability and moving forward in life.

Pink Calcite

This crystal’s gentle vibration attracts unconditional love and forgiveness.  It slowly releases all fears that keep the heart trapped in the past and is soothing to the emotional body, while at the same time brings calming and loving energy to one’s energetic field. This crystal is often recommended for strengthening the bond between parent and child.


Another stone known as the “love attractor”, Morganite encourages us to enjoy life. Peace, joy, and emotional strength--these are the words that many who have experienced working with this crystal use to describe its effects. Crystal writers often describe it as presenting one with a sense of emotional abundance.


While Carnelian is not typically recommended as a “heart” stone, it does wonders in terms of an optimistic outlook, creative energy, and self-confidence.  Even just looking at its vibrant color is energizing!  By activating the first three chakras of the body, Carnelian restores vitality and creativity, which are the keys for a passionate life.

Finally, for those who enjoy the HEART symbolism, and the Valentine’s Day holiday, there are two treats: take a look at our selection of the Heart shaped crystals and our special Valentine’s Day Mix.


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Crystals for Caregivers

By Lourdes Lebron

Crystal Oracle cards can be a wonderful tool in your healing and divinatory tool boxes. They are a convenient way to carry the energy of crystals and receive validation from the universe. The following article will give ideas, tips, and suggestions on how to use this creative energy source.

The first thing to do when receiving a deck is to clean it.  The decks go through many hands before arriving in yours and cleansing any prior energy is necessary. An easy way to do this is to put a Clear Quartz on your deck with the intention to remove any unbeneficial energy.  Leave the Clear Quartz on for a day.  Another option is to hold the cards in your hands and imagine white light going from your hands into the deck. The goal of the white light is to fill the deck with the purest energy possible. This can be done for 10 minutes.

Once you have cleaned your deck, you can start looking at all the cards. Hold each one in your hands for a minute.  Sense the energy of the stones depicted and let it permeate your aura.  You may feel shivers, heat, see colors, pick up distinct smells, or even taste unusual flavors.  This may happen for some of your cards and for others it may not happen at all.  What is important is that you start building a connection with your deck. Some of you may feel comfortable sleeping with the deck underneath your pillow. Others may want to carry them around with you.  Use whatever way you feel most relaxed in getting used to the vibrations of the cards.

When using your deck for divinatory purposes hold the deck in your hands and ask that the information received be clear, and that it is for the highest good of all.  If you are doing a simple reading to find out what crystal you need for the day, just shuffle the cards and pick the top card of the deck.  When the question is more complex think about what you need to know, mix up the cards and divide them into three piles.  Pick the top card of each of the three groups and look at the chosen cards.  Breathe in for a moment and see what comes to mind first when picking up the first card.  Do this for all three cards.  If the answer isn’t clear, leave it for the time being and then go back to it the next day.  Sometimes you need a new perspective that can come after a good night’s sleep.  The more you use the cards the easier it will to interpret the answers being shown.  Remember, the answer may show up as a color your body needs, a chakra that needs more attention, an affirmation that will affect your vibrations, or simply a crystal that can help you in achieving your goal.

Using cards for healing purposes is a terrific way to carry the vibrations of the crystals with you in a convenient form. The photos of the stones emit the energy of the minerals and can be used anywhere.  One of the easiest ways to use the cards is to simply put them on your heart chakra and let your body absorb the vibrations through this energy center.  Use one card a day and sense what feels best for you. You may be surprised at what crystal has the most effect. This method can also be used for any part of the body that needs assistance.  Place the card wherever the energy is needed and rest for 20 minutes.  After using the cards, hold them in your hand and imagine white light coming from your hands to the card and cleaning the card.  Do this for a minute or two and the card will be ready to be used again the next day.

Another idea for receiving energy is to place a Clear Quartz above the card and let it amplify the energy of the crystal. This works well when you are limited on space, but still want a more powerful boost of energy.  If you want to use the card for distance healing, place the name of a person (or a picture) underneath the card and the Clear Quartz to direct the energy to that specific individual.  If you are using the card for a situation, just write down the situation and place that under the card and the Clear Quartz.

Using the cards as grids works very well too.  Small crystal chips are the perfect size for using on cards.  To do this, pick a crystal card that has the vibrations that will support your intention.   In the center you can place a Clear Quartz or a small stone that matches the picture.  In the cardinal directions place 4 small terminated points or 4 small chips.  Place your dominant hand 2 – 3 inches over your grid and imagine a surge of light being emitted from your hands to the crystals. This only takes a minute or two, but now you have a small functioning grid that takes up very little space, but still packs a punch.

The above-mentioned suggestions are just a few of the things you can do with crystal cards. They are meant as a starting point and can be expanded upon as your journey with crystals grows. Experiment and have fun. The more you play with your deck, the more uses you will find for them and the more enjoyment you will get out of them.


The Path to Love, Deepak Chopra (1997, Random House: Harmony Books)

Hall, Judy. The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals. Cincinnati: Walking Stick Press, 2003. Print.

Lambert, Mary. Crystal Energy: 150 Ways to Bring Success, Love, Health, and Harmony into Your Life. New York: Sterling Publishing, 2005. Print.

Permntt, Philip. The Crystal Healer: Crystal Prescriptions That Will Change Your Life Forever. New York: CICO Books, 2007. Print.


Posted on February 15, 2013
    (Submitted by: María Isabel on May 25, 2014)

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