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Healing Crystals December 2015 Newsletter
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Healing Crystals December 2015 Newsletter
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December 2015 Newsletter 

Another year is nearly under our belts. If the saying, "time flies when you're having fun" is true, then we've had a blast this year and will be starting the new one on a very positive note!

This month, we have two very special and creativity-inspiring articles for you. First, Debbie Elaine shares her knowledge of crystal gridwork in "Crystal Grid Basics”.  One of the most frequent questions that we receive is about how to create a crystal grid. We're predicting that crystal grids are going to be huge this holiday season and while setting intentions for the New Year, so this article has the answers you may seek!

Second, Stephanie Arnold brings you, "Add Some Color and Creativity to Your Life”. This is a fantastic article about what your choice of colors says about you and about coloring as a form of relaxation.

Speaking of coloring, we have some super exciting news to share with you! Healing Crystals has created their very own coloring book titled "Coloring Crystals".  It will be available December 8th at your local newsstands and major discount retailers, such as Walmart and Kmart. We can't wait to see what you create, so please share your work with us on our social media pages!

To help you prepare for the New Year, we have a very special holiday offer.  Enter the code HCDECEMBER15 at checkout to receive 10% off your order, plus a free Green Quartz and a free Red Jasper.

Crystal Blessings and Happy Holidays from the team at!

Crystal Grid Basics

By Debbie Elaine

One of the most beautiful and useful ways to use crystal healing energy is the crystal grid.  Grids are made by combining the energy of more than one crystal (usually in a geometric pattern) and setting an intention for the energy of that grid to be sent to a person, situation, or place in need of healing crystal energy.

Start with a center piece - any crystal will do. Towers or clusters are my favorites, but any crystal will work! You can set that on flat crystal, hang another crystal on the center for the simplest grid, or build out in patterns from there. You can really use just about any type of crystals in your grid. Symmetry and balance are traditional, but not required for grids. Think of bicycle spokes coming out from the center in multiples of 3-6 spokes, or even more. Intuition is your guide! Some people like to place grids on existing paper patterns like mandalas, while others just let their creative side loose and create their own patterns.

To send energy to a specific place or person, think of the spokes of your grids pointing inward towards the center to fill a space with crystal energy. To send it out in general, pointing the spokes outward is helpful. Once your grid is assembled, energize it (some people say daily; I say it depends on how the grid feels to you) by using a wand or your hand to draw invisible lines of light that connect the grid crystals to each other.  You can repeat your pattern several times in a row to give it a good charge, or go one time slowly and deliberately. Experiment until you find what works for you.

One final thing to remember - if your grid is going to be in place for an extended period of time, you will need to dismantle it and clean your crystals about once a week, then re-set and re-charge the grid to maintain its effectiveness. So go ahead - grab some crystals and let your imagination and creativity be your guides as you discover the healing and meditative tool known as “crystal grids”. And, if you're still nervous about picking out the right crystals for your intention, you can always start with one of our crystal grid kits.

Add Some Color and Creativity to Your Life

By Stephanie Arnold

Small children naturally love to reach out and use their artistic side and are constantly creating. Teachers and educators often talk about the many benefits that art has on small children and their development. As adults, many of us have lost some or all of this creative drive as we become busy with the daily grind. However, we can still benefit from taking some time for ourselves to stimulate our creative abilities and find our inner child. While a blank canvas can sometimes be intimidating, a coloring book* or printout makes accessing your creativity more easily accessible, whether you have a couple hours or only a few minutes of free time.

Before you break out the crayons and colored pencils, try charging your coloring book with crystals. I like to place a few crystals on top of the cover of the book overnight, if I can, but for at least an hour. Doing this will energize all the pages of the book with crystal energy, which you can benefit from while you are coloring. You can place crystals on your crayons, colored pencils, and paints too! My favorites to use for this are Orange Aventurine, to spark creativity, and Fluorite, for focus. You can also set these crystals next to yourself while coloring to energize your space and aura.

Filling in all the little spaces of a picture with vibrant colors can also be a spiritual experience. Many people find it easy to enter a meditative state while performing repetitive acts that don’t take much analyzing or thought. Coloring and artistic creation can facilitate this mental state, allowing you to connect with your intuition and inner guidance. To encourage this enlightened state while using a coloring book, try keeping a piece of Lapis Lazuli or Selenite nearby. If you are hoping to work with the angelic realm while coloring, Seraphinite is a great crystal for this purpose. Coloring Mandalas are a great choice for this type of activity. Mandalas are geometric figures that often contain symbolism and usually have many small sections, which make them a great tool for a coloring meditation. Try playing calming music in the background to further boost the energy of the room.

Did you know that the colors you choose can also have an impact on you? Color therapy, which is also called Chromotherapy, is an alternative healing technique using colors to balance energies, improve moods, activate chakras, increase the flow of energy, and remove blockages. For example, coloring with a pink crayon will activate the Heart Chakra and encourage feelings of love and contentment. Purple is the color of the Crown Chakra and holding a purple colored pencil and gazing at the color on paper will open and activate this chakra. If you need a little extra energy or creativity, try coloring with an orange marker. Keeping crystals in these colors close at hand will also reinforce your intention while coloring. To allow your intuition to help you find the colors you will benefit most from at this time in your life, try randomly selecting a crayon with your eyes closed. The spirit always knows what is best for us. :-)

If you are looking to work with the energy of a specific crystal, working with a picture of the crystal can help with this. Gazing at photos or drawings of crystals connects you to the crystal’s energetic vibration and enables you to benefit from the crystal’s energy without having the actual stone in the room. A coloring book of crystals* or printing pictures from a website are a couple of easy ways to get pictures of crystals for coloring. Looking to attract more love into your life? Try coloring a picture of a piece of Rose Quartz with a pink pencil. The combination of the intention that is put into artistic creation, focus that is centered on the Rose Quartz, and the use of a pink crayon will all impact you and help to draw loving energies of these vibrations. Couldn’t we all benefit from more luck? Coloring a piece of Green Aventurine in a coloring book with a green crayon will help to increase your chances of good fortune.

Our creative side is strongly connected to our spiritual side and psychic abilities. By doing activities that use your creativity, you are increasing the capacity of your spiritual growth and also raising your energetic vibration. If it has been a long time since you have opened your box of crayons, try a coloring meditation to add a splash of color and energy into your world.

*Note:  Healing Crystals will have their own coloring book called Coloring Crystals available 12/08/15 at your local newsstands and major discount stores (such as Walmart and K-Mart in the magazine section).

Posted on December 05, 2015
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