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Healing Crystals December 2014 Newsletter
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Healing Crystals December 2014 Newsletter
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Hello, everybody! The holidays are quickly approaching, and we are busy prepping for this time of family, friendship, good will, and good food. :)

Of course, the holiday season is a wonderful time for spiritual reflection. Our own Susan Jolley has written a lovely article on “Spirituality and Finding Your Path with the Help of Crystals”. Whether your goal is connecting to ancient wisdom, angels, or spirit guides, crystals such as Serpentine, Phenacite, and Howlite will support your goals this season.

Unfortunately, the holidays can bring a lot of stress and tension into our lives. When the emotional strain is too much to handle, you may want to take a peek at Lourdes Lebron’s article “Crystals for Peace, Relaxation, and Stress Release”. Aside from naming soothing crystals like Blue Chalcedony, Lithium Quartz and Sugilite, she suggests different ways to use them for maximum benefit.

If you’d like to purchase crystals to help you through this season, or are just looking to add certain crystals to your collection, you’ll want to use the code HCDEC12 from 12/12/14 – 1/1/15 that gives you a 12 % discount on your order. The free gift with this code is a medium-to- largeWhite Aventurine in a red velvet pouch—another fantastic choice for inner peace and spiritual connection.

Happy Holidays from us at Healing Crystals!

Now, on to our Newsletter...

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Spirituality and Finding Your Path with the Help of Crystals

By Susan Jolley


Traditionally, spirituality had been defined as a process of personal transformation in accordance with religious ideals, but sometime in the 19th century it was often separated from religion and became more about subjective experiences and psychological growth. Spirituality has now become a broad concept with a widely agreed-upon definition which leaves room for many perspectives. What it has now come to mean is a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and typically involves the search for the meaning in life. It emphasizes an intuitive, experiential approach to life’s meaning and an individual’s intuition of what is the truth.

This makes this more of a universal human experience, something that touches all of us. It still denotes a process of personal transformation, but separated from organized religions. It recognizes that there is truth in other religions as well, since they all believe in a loving God and a loving God would redeem all his children, not just one specified religion. There are many influences on spirituality which include, but are not limited to, Religious, Western, Orientalist, Asian, Transcendental, and Psychological to name a few. All may include meditation, mindfulness, prayer and work to disengage the ego-centered way of life, discover the essence of one’s being and engage life through the Divine Source that resides within.

So what does all this mean for you? The best way for me to answer this is to tell you to explore until you find the practice that resonates so deeply within that you feel you are home. For me, I was in a time of being so lost. I did not believe in the organized religions but also felt so strongly that there was something missing in my life and that there was something out there that I needed to discover. I started reading about the Tao and felt a strong connection to it. Then one day I was led to a Powwow. The very minute I stepped on to the powwow grounds I knew I was finally at home. My guides are all Native American, my visions come in Native American references and my voice is Native American. I tell people that I am spiritual, not religious, that I believe in a higher power, I believe in the existence of different spiritual paths and I believe in the importance of each person finding their own individual path to spirituality. My strongest piece of advice is to seek out using your heart, not your head or what others say you should be doing and you will find your path. It may not be easy, but keep your faith because when you get shaken to the core, your faith will bring you through it.

There are many crystals that can help lead you to finding your path.  It begins with opening your heart and some crystals that can help with this are Danburite, Chrysocolla and Chrysoprase.  These are my favorite crystals to carry.  Crystals that can help connect to the Ancient Wisdom are Serpentine and Lemurian Crystals.  Crystals that can help connect to the Angelic Realm are Angelite and Phenacite.  Crystals that can help open and enhance your intuition are Apophyllite and Stilbite.  Crystals that can help you with your Spirit Guides are Howlite, Lapis Lazuli and Leopardskin Jasper.

It is my suggestion that you go with the one or two crystals that you are most attracted to.  This will get you started and you can slowly add to them if you need to.  One little trick I do when I have difficulty deciding on a set of crystals is to write the names on pieces of paper, turn them upside down, and just let my hands float over them while in a meditative state.  I just constantly move my hands over them and eventually I am guided to pick one.  I trust that my soul knows what I need and that is the crystal that I will begin working with.


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Crystals for Peace, Relaxation, and Stress Release

By Lourdes Lebron

One of the most popular requests people have when searching for healing crystals is to find one that can bring peace, relax the mind, ease tension in the body, and soothe the soul. Fortunately, many crystals have vibrations that encourage tranquility and a more relaxed state of mind. This article lists crystals that aid in bringing about a more serene sense of being, followed by tips on how to use the crystals and other tools that can encourage a more peaceful state of mind.

Abalone – helps soothe nerves

Amethyst – works well to help release the tight knots at the base of the skull that result in tension headaches

Aventurine – enhances meditation and finding inner peace

Blue Lace Agate– aids in releasing tension in the body when feeling “highly strung”

Blue Calcite– works well to “calm” a racing heartbeat.

Blue Chalcedony– vibrations bring peace into the energetic bodies.

Dumortierite– relieves fears that may be at the root of nervousness

Imperial Topaz– great for those “butterflies” in your stomach before exams, giving speeches, or when doing anything new and/or unexpected

Larimar– great for alleviating moodiness or feelings of impending “doom”

Lepidolite– excellent for difficulty sleeping when thoughts keep going round and round in the head

Lithium Quartz– aids in the release of stress or anxiety

Magnesite– deals/disperses/deflects the energy of irritability that can come with extra sensitivity

Sugilite– helps release emotional fears that keep us tied up in stressful knots


Wearing crystal jewelry is an easy and effective way to receive the energy of these crystals. Using them as bracelets on your non dominant hand will let you receive the vibrations quickly. Necklaces, pendants and earrings will also aid in bringing continuous crystal vibes into your energy field.

Carrying the crystals in your pocket, purse, or briefcase allows the energy to flow into your aura when not wearing them as jewelry. Even placing these crystals in your car can bring a sense of “well being” to your commute.

At the work place, taping these crystals to the bottom of a chair is another way of letting the energy permeate your energy systems without displaying the crystals in public. If this is not possible, taping a picture of one these crystals is also helpful. For a more visible option, try placing them on a bowl on top of your work space.

Having a picture of one of the crystals or a group of them as a screen saver also promotes the flow of energy to you throughout the day.

Charging water with crystals and drinking it throughout the day can also bring a more peaceful sense consistently throughout the day.

At night, these crystals can be placed under your pillow so that the aura has a chance to recharge with crystal vibrations at night. If using them under your pillow isn’t possible, place them under your mattress or on a night stand.

Crystal grids are fantastic ways of sending crystal energy to a specific goal. You can cut out the image of the grid below and place crystals in the corresponding spots or just arrange crystals in that pattern (without the grid underneath). If you do not have the crystals available to you, cut out pictures of the crystals listed in the grid below, then place them on the grid. You will still get the energy even though the crystals aren’t physically there.

When trying to create a “zen” like atmosphere in the home, a grid can be set up using these crystals above. Here is a sample grid:


Use this grid in whatever space you spend the most time or feel the most anxious in. Even without the crystals this grid emits Reiki which will also help with releasing tension.

Besides crystals, many scents like Lavender, Sandalwood, and Chamomile can encourage a tranquil atmosphere. These scents can be burned as candles, used in oil diffusers or in body lotions and creams. Drinking teas made with Rose petals, Lavender flowers, and Linden tea leaves may leave you relaxed and feeling serene. Yin yoga, meditation, gardening, walking, and exercising are all practices which help to release built up tension that may have accumulated throughout the day. Working with other healing modalities like Reiki, can bring much needed relief too. The best thing to do is to combine different therapies that build upon each other.

A final note: there may come a time when the stress has taken a hold of you and doesn’t want to let go even after trying everything above. When this happens, combining crystal work with allopathic medicine can bring the relief you need.



Gienger, Michael. Crystal Power, Crystal Healing. London: Cassell Illustrated, 2005.

Kennedy, Teresa. Gems of Wisdom, Gems of Power. New York: Marlowe & Company, 2007.

Posted on December 12, 2014
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