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Healing Crystals August 2013 Newsletter
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Healing Crystals August 2013 Newsletter
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August is the de facto last month of summer, and the beginning of fall. Summer vacations are wrapping up, and the new school year is starting for many children and college students. At Healing Crystals, our focus this month is the back to school transition. The right crystals can facilitate the changes that August and a new school year bring. Crystals can also help us to teach, learn, grow and deal with the many trials, challenges and situations that students and teachers will face in the coming months.

Our first article, "Animal Totems--Wolf," by Susan Jolley, examines the Native American totem of the Wolf. Appropriately for the month of August, Wolf is a teacher, a guide who can teach us about spiritual matters, health and healing, and balance. Susan tells us that Wolf appears in many colors and guises, but always asks us to undertake a new journey and to strengthen ourselves and our community. She recommends several different crystals that can help us with the lessons that Wolf brings, including Citrine, Pyrite and Moonstone.

In "Back to School with Crystals," our monthly theme is readily apparent in the title itself. Crystal Intuitive Debbie Elaine, who is also a school teacher, clearly knows a thing or two about the best crystals to help start off the new school year. Need crystals to help your child learn facts and figures? Debbie suggests Calcite for memory and learning. Want help meeting the other students and overcoming shyness? Try some Blue Lace Agate to boost confidence. Does all that studying make it hard to go to sleep? Selenite can help the anxious student to get a good night's rest. Debbie has plenty of suggestions for crystals that can help you and the students in your life get a strong start to the new school year.

Whatever challenges and transitions occur, crystals can help you meet the changes and adapt to the new energies of your new path. Whether you are a student or teacher, we at Healing Crystals hope that we have helped you learn a little more about crystals and their uses this month. So whether you are studying at public school, private school or the school of life, learn your lessons well, and enjoy the new school year.

Jim Boland

General Manager

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Animal Totems - Wolf

By Susan Jolley


Wolf is most commonly looked upon as the Teacher, the Pathfinder and the Guardian. Wolf is intuitive, psychic, spiritual, loyal, and works for the greater good. By some tribes, Wolf is associated with the North direction on the Medicine Wheel and the color white. Wolf is also associated with the Throat Chakra. Wolf’s cycle of power is year round, at twilight and full moons. Wolf teaches us to know who we are, to develop strength, confidence, and surety. Wolf also teaches us to listen to and trust our inner thoughts and words, to verbalize our thoughts in a respectful and appropriate way, and to put the needs of the community/family above the needs of the self for the highest good. People with Wolf Totem are patient, loyal, intelligent, intuitive and wise; they are good communicators and creative problem solvers.

  • White Wolf is the spiritual teacher, helping us learn to bridge the spiritual and physical worlds, and to learn the underlying purpose of events and issues in our lives. 
  • Brown Wolf is the teacher of health and healing, showing us to use the forces of nature with knowledge of medicine to maintain the balance between mind/body/spirit connections.
  • Gray Wolf is the teacher of hidden lessons, teaching us to look beyond so we can balance our path with information from our spiritual teachers and guides. 
  • Red Wolf Wolf is the keeper of the earth and nature, teaching us how to communicate with our surroundings in physical or spiritual form.
  • Black Wolf is the teacher of the physical, helping us to bring balance into all aspects of our daily lives, and focus on how spiritual lessons and karmic experiences work together to help us evolve to the next spiritual level.

If Wolf appears to us, he is asking us to find a new path, take a journey, breathe new life into our own, take control of our life, share our knowledge, and take care of our community. Wolf wants us to ask ourselves questions like:

What makes me less confident? Do I trust my instincts, inner thoughts, and words? What is it about my relationships/family life that has me upset? What in my life needs to change? What is it I need? What do I lack and how can I change that? How can I develop strength and confidence? How can I express who I am?

The list of questions is limitless. Try to avoid asking questions that begin with “Why”; this can give an easy way out of a situation by placing blame or attributing the cause to someone or something else. Remember, all animal totems, including Wolf, are here to guide us to take responsibility and control over our own lives. We direct and create our own life.

Crystals that can help us ingrate the lessons Wolf teaches into our life are: Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Calcite, Pyrite, Moonstone, and Scolecite.



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Back to School with Crystals

By Debbie Elaine

"Back to School” is a phrase that causes mixed reactions among those who hear it. Each new school year can bring with it new routines, new challenges, and new things to enjoy. Crystals and their energy can be helpful allies for this transitional time of year. First, let me state that I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe treatments. My recommendations are based on my experiences and the experiences of others when working with crystals, students, and energy healing.

Depending on your child’s age and school, you may want to have the crystal energy available to them at home only, or as a pendant, so the crystals can do their work without becoming a distraction or an issue while at school. Crystal key chains can be a functional way to take the energy to school. They can be clipped to backpacks or pencil cases. Older students with lockers might hang the key chains in their locker to be a touchstone between classes. For students comfortable answering questions from curious friends and teachers, our Crystal Oracle Cards make great book marks for texts or can be tucked into pencil cases or book bags.

For students who are beginning the year in school for the first time, Rose Quartz can be soothing for separation anxiety (this applies to both Mom and little one!) and helping keep that “I’m loved” feeling throughout the day. A piece of Amethyst or Blue Lace Agate by their bed can help reduce the "Night-Before" jitters and allow for a better night’s sleep before the big day. They are also wonderful to use as weekends and vacations end throughout the year.

As it is so good for memory and learning, Calcite is known as THE crystal for students. Place them where your child does their homework. Holding the crystals while reading can give fidgety hands something to do while delivering positive Calcite energy (Calcite absorbs negative energy when used, so remember to clear it if you sense it isn’t working as well).

If “Back to School” means difficulty with back to bedtime and back to struggling to get teens up in the morning, banning electronics from the bedroom and starting calming routines about an hour before bedtime can make mornings happier for everyone. Teens have so much social stress in addition to school stress, that this might be a good time to help your teen pick out a crystal that attracts them, then teach them how to meditate before bed each night (you could start this at an earlier age, too). Holding a piece of Selenite and picturing their stress of the day going into the crystal to be transmuted into light is an easy beginner meditation that will help develop healthy stress management habits they can keep throughout life. And when they STILL haven’t gotten enough sleep, some Citrine or Sunstone charged water in the morning may help them get moving, in a much healthier way than drinks and breakfast foods that may be high in sugar.

Some other challenges school can present include:

Disorganization: Let Fluorite assist with clearing out clutter and finding routines that encourage organization.

Shyness: Blue Lace Agate and Amazonite can be helpful for finding their voice and sharing their thoughts in and out of class.

Making Friends: Green Aventurine has a loving, calming, nurturing yet happy energy that allows us to appreciate ourselves and others (who wouldn’t want a friend like that?).

Grounding/Protection: Hematite (for teens, not younger children) and Red Jasper (all ages) can help ground and center children and adults, making them less vulnerable to energy attacks and bullies.

Autism: Sugilite has been found helpful for those with autism. In my experience, children with autism can be very attracted to crystals. Black Tourmaline can also help ground and protect children with autism who may be overly energy sensitive in a crowded school setting.

ADD/ADHD: Many people have found Moonstone helpful for students (and adults!) who struggle with this. A friend of mine who taught students with this issue put a few pieces of it around her classroom and found it helped settle the students into a calmer, more focused routine.

Energy-Sensitive Children: For those who are overwhelmed by all the constantly fluctuating energies of the school environment, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Garnet can help ground and protect them, allowing them to concentrate more comfortably on their schoolwork.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind when using crystals with children is that the smaller/younger the child, the more sensitive to energy they are likely to be. Fewer and smaller crystals are better for young children—keeping them in their environment instead of on their body also works. Adolescents and young adults can handle wearing larger and often even multiple crystals. This is also an excellent time to begin teaching them how to clear and charge their crystals, and to notice if a crystal feels right for them, or if it is too strong and makes them feel spacey. And, as much of the world is still not open to the joys of working with crystals, help them to be prepared to politely respond to those who are curious or judgmental.

Best wishes to you and your family for a happy, healthy, and crystal-blessed year of growth and learning. ~Debbie Elaine (Educator, 20 years)

Posted on August 23, 2013
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