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Grand Cross of *2014* and Crystals to Manage the Energy
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Grand Cross of *2014* and Crystals to Manage the Energy
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Grand Cross of *2014* and Crystals to Manage the Energy

By Tara Mideaker 

You may have heard that April 2014 is going to have some very powerful astrological happenings, including a Full Lunar Eclipse, a Solar Eclipse and a Cardinal Grand Cross.  This energy is going to affect everyone - some more than others - and it is not always going to be easy.  I have one word to help...Grounding, Grounding, and Grounding.   OK - I said it three times, but it really is that important and a good grounding crystal is going to make all the difference.  I am attaching a link to an article about Grounding Crystals to get you started  and my own personal recommendations are Bastnaesite, Black Tourmaline, & Amethyst.  How do you know which Grounding Crystal is best for you?  My test is that if I hold it in my hand and if it feels very heavy, I know that I've got the right one.  My Bastnaesite is one of the smallest crystals that I own but if feels very, very heavy. That's how I know that it is keeping me steady!  

Beginning on April 20th and running through April 23rd we will experience a Grand Cross, which is comprised of 4 Square transits and 2 Opposition transits in consecutive days.  You may have heard a lot of scary stuff about this energy, so I thought I would try to break it down for you.  Sometimes when you know what you are dealing with, it is easier to find the benefits because the energy is what it is and being stressed and worried about it won't change it.  Your approach to it, however, will make a huge difference and change how it affects you, so my goal is to help you feel positive and in control. 

When two planets are in a “Square” it means that they have different agendas and are confronting each other in a battle for dominance.  Think of it like two demanding entities that both want your complete and undivided attention and will go to any lengths to get it.  I like to think of them as unruly children who both want Mom’s attention.  Or, for a particularly rough Square, cats who will look you square in the eye as they destroy your most precious things with the casual swipe of a paw!  It is one of the most challenging transits in astrology.  A Square will make you irritable and anxious because you are caught in the middle of their fight.  So where is the positive? The planets are often at their strongest during this transit and you can really feel their power.  The trick is to get past your inner turbulence and figure out how the energy can help you.  To master a Square, have a good grounding crystal (see above), a relaxing one like Stilbite for gentle guidance or Prehnite for comfort & trust, and one for reason, so that you can take a step back from the discomfort and ask yourself how can this benefit me?  Lapis Lazuli for insight and/or Pietersite for problem-solving are some of the crystals that can help you determine what change you hope to gain by working with the energy instead of letting it overwhelm you!  

An Opposition in astrology is when the planets are actively opposing each other.  The major difference between an Opposition and a Square is that planets in Opposition might have the same goal but each is approaching it from a different perspective and thus there is a chance for them to find a happy middle ground.  Not to be overly dramatic, but a Square is a battle to the death as far as the planets involved are concerned.  An Opposition is still going to bring you some tension because it will incite any inner conflicts that you’ve got going on (especially any that you’ve been ignoring), but it is lessened by the possibility of the planets actually getting along and working together.  It is not easy to satisfy Oppositions but it is doable. Your challenge is to find the compromise that brings the opposing views, wants, needs, etc. together in a scenario that works best for you.  Once again, you need a strong grounding crystal because you cannot be proactive if you are being swayed by the negative influence of the planets at odds.  

Now you want to put on your thinking cap and consider each side to determine what is the “least” that will be satisfactory.  For example, let’s say one planet is urging you to take a two-week vacation, while another is reminding you that you can’t afford to take that much time away from work/duties.  Both want you to be able to relax and have some fun, so maybe a long weekend will satisfy both. Once you start investigating maybe you’ll realize you could swing a whole week…start at the “least” and work your way up until you reach a happy center.  Try Howlite for wisdom - it is one of the best crystals to help you achieve your goals - and Prasiolite to ease any concerns and take advantage of the potential for growth.  

The Zodiac signs are grouped according to a number of factors including their energy characteristics – in other words, how they use and disperse energy. The Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) are the innovators in the Zodiac. They operate in sudden bursts of energy that will initiate change and make things happen. These are the four signs that usher in each new season. The four planets that comprise the Grand Cross of April 2014 are all in Cardinal Signs and thus we have a Cardinal Grand Cross. So why is this significant? The role of the Cardinal Signs is to act and those actions are going to result in something changing. Combine the Cardinal energy with the energy of each planet and we are dealing with a powerful force of change. It is inevitable and, let’s face it, no one really likes change! Even a positive transformation is likely to be a stressful experience which is why we typically avoid change at all costs. It is easy to suggest that if you can’t hide from it than you might as well embrace it….but often that won’t make the transformation any easier. There are several crystals that are very helpful during times of change including Snowflake Obsidian that can help you understand why something has changed – particularly when you are dealing with a loss. Lithium Quartz can help you find a healthy release for stress, Garnet enhances your willpower and courage, and Labradorite empowers you to take the change that comes your way and make it work in your favor. 

The two planets that kick-off the Grand Cross on Sunday, 4/20/14 are Jupiter and Uranus.  Jupiter is the planet for prosperity and abundance.  It is the planet of expansion and its energy will help to increase whatever it touches.  Uranus is the planet of sudden change and rebellion.  Its energy will bring in the unexpected and unanticipated.  You just never know what could happen when Uranus is involved - it is always a surprise!  In a Square, these planets will produce volatile energy that could drive you towards drastic actions that may not be in your best interest, so you want to temper the energies and help to bring out the most positive qualities of both planets.  Try Green Aventurine to feel Jupiter's positive ability to open new doors to abundance and Carnelian to use Uranus's energy to find positive ways to express your independence.  

The Grand Cross concludes on Wednesday, 4/23/14 with the last Square between Mars and Pluto.  Mars is the Warrior planet and if you have something important to fight for, you want Mars on your side.  Mars will help you find and use your passion and drive to achieve something important.  Pluto is the planet of Transformation and is thus associated with life and death - endings and beginnings.  Pluto will help you to overcome challenges and, when you are down, it helps to bring you back up again.  In a Square the energy of these planets will be intense.  Mars can get out of control very easily - remember it is primarily a warrior - and you could be driven to using ill-advised means to force the goal of transformation that is insisted by Pluto.  You want to calm all of the aggressive energy, so use Rose Quartz to feel the power of Mars without the anger.  Stilbite will bring out the positive energy of Pluto and encourage acceptance, gentle release and proactive manifestation. 

One final suggestion on how to use crystals to manage the impact of the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 - a personal power grid!  I am using cards that symbolize each of the planets involved (you can also write their names on a piece of paper) and placing the crystal that represents the positive energy of each Planet on top of the card (Jupiter - Green Aventurine; Uranus - Carnelian; Mars - Rose Quartz; Pluto - Stilbite).  I am surrounding it with a grounding crystal (Black Onyx) and in the center my favorite crystal for positive, proactive energy: Rutilated Quartz.  My intent for the grid is simple; that the energy produced by this rare astrological occurrence be only for the highest good and any changes that result from this transit bring joy, peace and abundance to everyone that it touches. 

As I said when I began to explain this transit - the energy is what it is and you cannot change it, but you can have a powerful and positive effect on it and how it manifests in your life.  Remember to check the daily and weekly horoscopes on our Facebook Page and on our website for more information about Astrology and Crystals. 

Posted on April 18, 2014
  Many thnks for your reaally interesting informative information. really good ,i will take notice of it. xkxx  (Submitted by: Kathie on April 19, 2014)

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