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Fluorite - Green Fluorite Chips/Chunks (China)    [NFLGR]
Fluorite - Green Fluorite Chips/Chunks (China)
Fluorite - Green Fluorite Chips/Chunks (China)
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Fluorite - Green Fluorite Chips/Chunks (China)
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Green Fluorite Chips/Chunks (China) - These Green Fluorite chips and chunks from China have a good color. Known as a gentle healer, Green Fluorite will detoxify and energize all of the chakras, especially when placed on the Heart or Throat chakra. It allows us to heal from heart based issues, whether emotional or physical.  It enhances intuition and brings order out of chaos.

Green Fluorite dispels negative energy, especially from the environment, such as electromagnetic smog from computers and the like. It then re-energizes the atmosphere.

Green Fluorite, like all the Fluorites, keeps you on track and focused on the job at hand, whether it is work related or studying for exams. Keep it with you if you find your mind wandering. It can gently encourage struggling students.

The color of growth and renewal, Green Fluorite can enhance personal growth and insights in your life. Use Green Fluorite to connect to nature spirits, especially those of water. It can enhance the garden and attract butterflies and hummingbirds.  Use it to enhance the environment where pollution and decay are present.

Physically, Green Fluorite enhances the immune system, increases cell regeneration and assimilates vital nutrients. It helps bones and teeth, and eases arthritis. Green Fluorite heals scars, both emotional as well as physical. It can help with sore throats, ulcers, stomach upsets and insomnia.

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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Fluorite - Green Fluorite Chips/Chunks (China)
Properties for Stone:Green Fluorite
Primary Chakra:Heart Chakra
Secondary Chakra:Throat Chakra
Crystal System:Isometric Crystal System
Chemical Composition:CaF2_Calcium_Fluoride
Astrological Sign:Pisces
Numerical Vibration:Number 2
Hardness:4 Hardness
Location:Brazil, China
Mineral Class:Halides Mineral Class
Issues and Ailments (Physical):Arthritis, Heart, Immune System, Infection, Sore Throat, Teeth, Tourette\'s Syndrome
Issues and Ailments (Emotional):Focus
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):Aura Clearing, Intuition
Extra Grade:Beautiful green color, translucent, < 10% matrix
A Grade:Nice green color, partially translucent, 10% - 25% matrix
B Grade:Poor green color, opaque and/or > 25% matrix
Affirmation:My energies are balanced and grounded.
Question:Do you use crystals to protect yourself from manipulation by others?
Category:Natural Crystals & Minerals
Location:China, Africa, Namibia
Shape:Chips, Chunks
Alternate Stone Name:Fluor Spar
Fluorite - Green Fluorite Chips/Chunks (China)    [NFLGR]