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Experiences with Moldavite
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Experiences with Moldavite
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Subject: Experiences with Moldavite
Date: 04/02/10
From: Damien
To: Healing Crystals

I have purchased a 5-gram piece of raw, basic-grade Moldavite and a lot of weird things have started to happen after I received it.

First, I put it under my pillow and for about a week nothing odd happened, until about 8 days into sleeping with it under my pillow. First, I got out-of-body experiences, which has never happened before.  I could link my fiance who was sleeping next to me into my out of body experience. She woke up the next morning and said, "Wow, I had a crazy dream last night." I told her I did too. as I started talking about the dream she jumped in and finished my dream that she was in too. We sat there in awe for a good while.

Not too many days after that, something happened to me. I cannot function around technology much anymore. My game systems, computers, TV, cell phone, satellite box and car don't act right. They malfunction so much when I'm around.

That's not even the start of the craziness! This is where I lose a lot of people, and they don't believe me. Now, I have gained Sight (to see through the veil of reality) to see shadow people and little people that I believe are either fairies, brownies or trolls. Money and objects disappear from my house and nobody is here taking them. This just doesn't make any sense to me. Did I open something bad by messing with this stone or is it a good thing?

I also can meditate so deeply now that I can make weird things happen, like sitting in a chair and having it vibrate and heat up without it being plugged in. I can also tell when someone is about to call my cell phone, take away people's headaches just by touching that spot, took away a kidney infection from my fiance in the same manner — just touching the spot and holding my hand there for no more than 3 minutes. She was urinating blood before I did that — after I touched her, she instantly felt better and the blood was gone. I went to the bathroom and my urine was blood. I was freaking out, and the only thing I could think of was I was doing Reiki.

Every day that goes by it gets more crazy. I don't know what to expect next. If you have any suggestions, please tell me. I need some insight. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.


Greetings Damien,

The effect of Moldavite can range from powerful to subtle, depending on the person, and can help one to accelerate their spiritual growth, opening the chakras to higher frequencies of energy. It sounds like this Moldavite is affecting you in a powerful way.

When I purchased a piece of Moldavite for myself, I found that it was simply too overpowering for me. I began working with it in very small doses so that I could get used to the shifts in energy I experienced. I also found that keeping a grounding stone on me was very helpful in managing the energy vibrations. I would first recommend that you try this as well.

Here is an article that may be helpful:

Work with the Moldavite in small increments and when working with it, keep a grounding/balancing stone such as Red Jasper, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, etc with you at the same time. The grounding stone will help to ease the effects.

I honestly do not think that you opened up anything bad. I just think that everything came rushing in at once and that has to be a little challenging to handle the influx. With any high vibrational crystal, I like to suggest taking baby steps. This gives you time to gradually increase your energy vibration to work with that type of the stone.

As for the experiences you are having with healing — many times healers "take on" the energy of the one being healed. This could manifest as emotional changes and, yes, physical ones as well. Again, I believe a grounding stone or two would be beneficial here.

It also sounds as if your higher chakras have been activated by the Moldavite and are stuck wide open :) Try this simple Chakra balancing exercise to align all of the chakras at once:

I know things are a bit crazy, but I truly feel that if you get grounded a bit and work with the Moldavite in small doses, you will be able to adapt more easily to the energy. These experiences you are having are a bit overwhelming for sure and will take some time to get used to. Work slowly, always grounding, in small doses. I do believe this will help to ease things while you get used to these new experiences.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on April 05, 2010
  Hey everyone,

OK I have recently bought a large piece of Moldavite on a pendant and necklace is made out of leather approximately 3mm thick. I have only had it for 36 hours roughly. But last night, I had unbelievable effects of the moldavite, I mean INCREDIBLE. Mostly occuring while I was unwinding in my bed at 10:0pm(ish). I started to hear faint voices, almost as it was a gathering, lots of people chatting not whispering but talking but like it was very far away..but there was no music or anything just faint voices.

I then begin to notice see through dirty brown like orbs (small) in front of me, I saw four or five. I just had this overwhelming sense of fear, vulnerability, somethings presence in my bedroom, I could not sleep and had to put the bathroom(ensuite) light on and exhaust fan on to muffle the voices. I also had a loud high pitched noice ring in my right ear which was rested on my pillow at the time.

Finally around 3am I went to sleep, I woke up the next morning to find a large (inch in length) slash in the leather necklace band which is holding the Moldavite, the necklace is then only hanging on by a thread. There is nothing sharp in my bed, nothing that would cause this as previously I have slept with other necklaces on when forgetting to take them off, this has never ever happened....why and how could it?!?

The leather is not soft and easy to cut or even scratch so the ringlet holding the moldavite could not have accidentally severed it..this was checked and cleared of a reason for this to happen.

I did not have any dreams that I can recall or any feeling of being hurt or touched in my sleep..

So I continue to wear it anyways for the entire day, thinking I should just stick it out and not be a scardy cat...I was then in the shower and the leather band snapped in half and the Moldavite fell to the ground.

I have since put the pendant of moldavite in my wallet and put it into the kitchen and taking a break from it for the night so I can get some rest.

Has anyone has similar experiences?? I understand it will have different effects on people.

The healer/Stone shop owner blessed the stone and programmed it to me, and I already have grounding stones and he even made a point of me being very grounded already before i showed him my grounding stones (which i didn't even know where grounding).

I am still shook up, scared, and feeling vulnerable for the first time since being a small defenseless child.

I have since burnt sage in all my house to rid it of negative energy which I did tonight.

Please help share your experiences and maybe give me some comfort!!!!

Ben  (Submitted by: BenjaminHall on September 28, 2012)
  Dear Ben, I am sorry to hear of your experience with Moldavite. Each stone has its own energy and you can even go so far as to say intelligence. Using your Moldavite when you are sleeping is not a good idea, so please do not wear it while sleeping or during the day for now. Although you had someone program it for you, it has its own energy and needs to be cleared. I am going to suggest cleaning it in dirt for a while. Wrap it in a black cloth and leave it in a planer filled with dirt for a month or two. After that time check how it feels. If it doesn't feel "clean", place it in the dirt again for another month or two. Then take it out and leave it in Moonlight for a month.

Although I have not experienced what you went through when sleeping with it, my Moldavite has fallen off of me when it has had enough of my energy even though the chain or clasp have not broken. I own one pendant, that fell off of me in a drawer (I saw it fall) and I could not find it for a couple of days even though I turned that drawer inside out looking for it. I had another piece in an earring that just fell out even though it was properly wired and glued. Since your Moldavite has such a strong energy it may take a while for you to work with it. You may wish to put Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian on top of the dirt where the Moldavite is buried. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned before you use it any way, shape or form.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us using the "contact us" page.  (Submitted by: Lourdes on October 01, 2012)
  Damien... This is amazing.... I am curious to know how things are going with you now? Are you still working with the Moldavite? What experiences are you still having? How have you learned to fine tune these new found abilities? These are the abilities or experiences I and many others would love to experience...Minus the car, phone and t.v. not working, things I would love to be able to heal, have that veil lifted, deep meditation ..etc.

Thank you - Amy  (Submitted by: Amy on December 17, 2010)

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