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Do You Have Any Helpful Tips To Identifying Crystals?
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Do You Have Any Helpful Tips To Identifying Crystals?
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I just started looking at you site and love it. I do have the Crystal Bible and I find that hard to use sometimes. I have been getting crystals for awhile, but am not sure the names of them all and the properties. I am having trouble trying to identify so many but feel that I need them. Do you know another way to identify


Dear A,

Thank you for contacting with your question. We’re glad you enjoy the site! Identifying crystals can be tricky, especially if you only have pictures to compare to the real crystals.

When I first started learning about crystals I found that books and websites which organized crystals by color, rather than by name, were most helpful in starting to identify unknown crystals. Two I like are “The Crystal Encyclopedia” by Judy Hall and “Crystals” by Jennie Harding.  If you think you know what a crystal is, double check by comparing it to several pictures online as well. The cut and finish of the crystal will make it look very different. For example, if you have a rough crystal and only have pictures of tumbled crystals, comparing online can really help.

Also, you may want to go with gemstone/mineral books that are not focused on the metaphysical. A local library might be a good way to try out books before actually buying them.

If you have a local rock shop or spiritual/metaphysical shop, you might take hard to identify crystals there and ask for help.  Also, our website has crystals listed several ways, such as alphabetically as well as by issue or ailment. You can also use our search engine and type in the color of the crystal you want to identify to see what stones come up as possibilities.

If you are still stuck, check out our Facebook page, and try posting pictures there and asking for help. It’s not always easy to identify crystals by pictures, but you might still get some answers.

The more you work with crystals, the more you’ll also start to learn to identify the energy of the crystals. This is hard to describe, but for example, sometimes you come across a dog breed that doesn’t look like any other dog you’ve ever seen, but somehow, you know it’s a dog because it has some innate “dogness” in its being. Or, someone comes up behind you and without looking, you know who it is because you recognize their presence. Crystals can be identified that way, too.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you again for contacting with your question. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Crystal Blessings!


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Posted on February 22, 2013
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