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Danburite - Danburite Crystal Points "A" (Mexico)    [DNDANPA]
Danburite - Danburite Crystal Points \"A\" (Mexico)
Danburite Crystal Points "A" Grade photo 2
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Danburite Crystal Points "A" Grade photo 3 Danburite Crystal Points "A" Grade photo 4
Danburite Crystal Points "A" Grade photo 5 Danburite Crystal Points "A" Grade photo 6
Danburite Crystal Points "A" Grade photo 7
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Danburite Crystal Points "A" (Mexico) - These "A" grade Danburite Crystal Points from Mexico are well-formed, have good clarity and very little damage.

Highly spiritual and sought after for its metaphysical properties, Danburite is a powerful heart chakra stone, relieving emotional pain and increasing acceptance of one's self and of others. Danburite is said to help you "let your light shine."  The pure Love Energy of Danburite brings serenity and peace.

Danburite is one of the highest vibration minerals currently found and is known to "Connect the Heart of the Mind with the Mind of the Heart."

A piece of Danburite in your pocket can ease stress and bring calm in difficult situations. Danburite is a good choice for anyone who is highly focused in the mental body (like academics and engineers), opening the heart and easing reconnection and balance with the emotional body.

Gentle yet powerful, Danburite also works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Danburite stimulates the Higher Crown Chakras, connecting the Heart to these Higher Chakras, and aids in communication with Angels and Guides. Danburite is a good stone to have around during times of extreme change, and eases the transition of those leaving the physical human form. Danburite can help heal old deep wounds, as well as clear past karma.

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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Danburite - Danburite Crystal Points "A" (Mexico)
Properties for Stone:Danburite
Primary Chakra:Heart Chakra
Secondary Chakra:Crown Chakra
Crystal System:Orthorhombic Crystal System
Chemical Composition:(CaB2SiO2O8)_Calcium_Borosilicate
Astrological Sign:Leo (July 23 to August 22)
Numerical Vibration:Number 4
Hardness:7 to 7.5 Hardness
Location:Bolivia, Mexico, Russia
Mineral Class:Silicates Mineral Class
Issues and Ailments (Physical):Allergies, Body Detox, Body Weight Management, Gallbladder, Infertility, Liver Disorders and Health, Muscular/Skeletal, Tissue Health and Healing, Tumors and Growths
Issues and Ailments (Emotional):Comforting, Coping with Changes, Love, Patience, Peace and Peacefulness, Reducing Stress or Tension, Sense of Belonging
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):Angel Communication and Connection, Aura Opening, Aura Revitalizing, Enhances Intuition, Protection during Psychic and Spiritual Work, Raising Vibrations, Reiki, Truth
Extra Grade:Ice water clear, transparent, no matrix
A Grade:Very clear, partially transparent, < 10% matrix
B Grade:Cloudy, translucent, and/or > 10% matrix
Affirmation:As I grow, I reach new heights of understanding.
Question:What do you consider your highest vibration crystal?
Category:Natural Crystals & Minerals
Color:Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Colorless, Clear
Danburite - Danburite Crystal Points "A" (Mexico)    [DNDANPA]
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