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Crystals to restructure reverse osmosis water.
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Crystals to restructure reverse osmosis water.
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From: Beth
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 4:01 PM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals,
Minerals & Tumbled Stones


I purchased some himalayan crystals from you before and am pleased.  I have a couple questions.  I'm looking to restructure my reverse osmosis water.  I have a gallon pitcher and am wondering how many of the tibetan crystals would I need approximately and how many single points and how many DT crystals?  Or if you recommend a better crystal to restructure water?  I read that water is best with a lot of negative ions.  I don't believe crystals can do this, can they?  Thanks, I'll wait to hear back from you before I place my order. 




Thanks for your email.  I am sorry for the slow reply, but I have been behind on my emails.   I try and answer each email thoughtfully and felt yours deserved a good answer.   We have reverse osmosis in our home and it does provide good water.   To improve the quality of water, you can also use crystals to help;

Tibetan Quartz can put a protective field around your water.    Lithium Quartz can be used for "Purification".  Rose Quartz can be used to amplify the energy of Love, which can positively charge water and make it "positive" instead of just "neutral".   In addition, clear quartz helps to amplify any energy or intention and can be used in combination with the above crystals to increase effectiveness.   I recommend a combination of tumbled stones and natural points.   Double terminated points are good, but single terminated points will also work well.  I recommend a 4 to 12 crystals total for your pitcher and suggest that you use your intution as to the "right" combination for you. 

Our Salt Lamps specifically discharge negative ions and can act as an air purifier.   If this is set near a pitcher of water, it can also help to improve the quality of your water.   

In our home, we actually use both reverse osmosis and a water purification system from the Nikken company, which uses magnetics and other technologies to enhance the energetic qualities of water.   The water system that we use is called the Pi-Mag system and we enjoy it very much.   If you are interested in such system, please email me again and I can refer you to the lady who sold us ours.   I'm sure she can help you learn more.    In addition, you can go the the Nikken website which can be found on the internet.  

Thanks for visiting us and I hope you continue to enjoy our website.   Have a wonderful day and let me know if you need any further information.  

Love and Harmony,

Shawn Adler is owned and operated by
Foundation for Balance and Harmony,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
"Dedicated to Healing the Planet, One Person at a Time"
Visit for more information.

Posted on August 14, 2006
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