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Crystals to Repel/Remove Dark Energy
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Crystals to Repel/Remove Dark Energy
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Subject: Crystals to Repel/Remove Dark Energy
Date: 08/04/10
From: Sarah
To: Healing Crystals

I was just wondering if you could recommend a stone that helps to keep dark energy away or at least to help it not to have a huge effect on a person?

Thank you,






Good Morning Nicole,

To remove a dark energy, you fill the space with light.

One of my favorite pieces is Ruby. Ruby is a shining light that fills the body and space with the light of Divine Love and Compassionate understanding, which will conquer all darkness.

Selenite, for me, has the energy of Divine, Christ consciousness. The white light of purity and love.

Hematite can help to dissolve negativity, transforming it into the purity of the universal light of love.

Black Tourmaline helps to protect against those in the spirit world and/or on the physical plane who are not in the "light" and do not understand the love of the universe.

For the one feeling the dark energy, I suggest the following:

Focus on the light. Do not allow the dark to invade your thoughts. What you think about, comes about. In other words, thoughts are power. If you think about the dark energy, fear the dark energy, etc. you are giving all of the power to the dark energy and it grows. If you feel the darkness, then you immediately turn your thoughts to the light. Something that makes you feel absolutely, totally loved and joyous, happy and safe. You give power to the light :)

I hope this has been helpful. Sending lots of love your way.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on August 05, 2010
  Generally good advice. If the negative vibes are in a place, such as a room, sprinkling some salt water or even just table salt can help to clear the space.

Clear quartz, especially a natural crystal, could be used to "chase away" the vibes. Put on some of your favorite music and, with the crystal in one hand, DANCE.

Open doors, windows, burn some incense or sage.

Get a piece of Citrine (yellow Quartz) and let it sit in sunlight for a few days. Then bring it into the space....

Rose quartz could also be useful, for bringing loving vibes into an area.

Dont worry so much about trying to control your thoughts. If a bothersome thought arises, take a couple of deep breaths and GROUND. Hopefully you know how to do this ? If not search it out on the Internet.

Thoughts are NOT "things" they are just...thoughts. If our thoughts had as much power as some say they do then there'd be a whole lot more rich people walking around right now, and a lot more lottery winners ! And a lot more of us would be a bit slimmer !  (Submitted by: Kayt Rivermoon on August 06, 2010)

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