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Crystals to Help One Remove Clutter from Home
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Crystals to Help One Remove Clutter from Home
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Subject: Crystals to Help One Remove Clutter from Home
Date: 06/24/10
From: Anonymous
To: Healing Crystals


Which stones would you suggest for someone to use on themselves or around them to de-clutter their house of stuff (paper work and sewing items, etc.)?

Thanks so much.





Good Morning,

Clutter most definitely breeds more clutter, doesn't it? And there are many reasons, both physical and emotional that cause one to surround themselves with clutter. For instance, I had a grandmother that hoarded EVERYTHING. Her house was cluttered with all kinds of stuff — newspapers, magazines, canned goods, dishes, etc.! This went on for years. In the course of conversation, I found out that her family was extremely poor. During the depression, they literally had nothing. At some point in her young adult life, she began saving everything! Deep down, this was her way of never having to feel poor again. Her home, when she died, barely had a path to walk through there was so much clutter.

Sometimes, clutter in our home is really a mirror of our life and what is currently happening in it. If a relationship or job is in chaos, the clutter of "things" is a subconscious sign that we need to stop and "straighten up" — both in the home and in the head/heart.

I think that, in order to really understand the issue at hand, we need to dig deep into the cause. You see, the clutter, is just a symptom. So, this will be something for the clutter-er to consider working on.

Let's look at some crystal recommendations that can help to motivate and support the intent of becoming de-cluttered.

Rutilated Quartz promotes self-determination, self-control, strength of will and resolve. This is important because to change a habit (in this case, the habit of clutter), you need a crystal that will keep you strong in order to resist the old way of doing things. Plus, Rutilated Quartz is an excellent organizational companion.

Red Tiger Eye supports and in many cases, increases motivation.

is a stone of balance. It also provides a look into why we do the things we do, what motivates us to repeat a certain action over and over, etc. It can help to release old patterns.

Amethyst encourages and supports inner strength. It helps to balance body/mind/soul and aids in repetitive/addictive behavior. If you feel overwhelmed by the current clutter, Amethyst will help to calm, center, and encourage action (start the de-cluttering process).

energizes and invigorates, increasing motivation and physical energy. The perfect "let's get to work and clear out this clutter" crystal.

Clutter can be overwhelming. It did not take one day to get like that and it will not take just one day to organize it either. Take one hour, one day at a time, and do something. Even if it is just to get a box for one type of paperwork and sort that paperwork into it. It can be a box for receipts or medical bills or utilities — just start with one hour and one box. If the clutter-er has a good friend that has great organizational skills, ask them over to help. There is NOTHING wrong with asking for help.

This is a great start to becoming organized and uncluttered. Just remember, this did not happen overnight, so it will not be all organized and clean overnight either. Baby steps... one paper at a time :)

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on June 28, 2010
    (Submitted by: Stawr on August 29, 2012)
  What a joy to find such clear thkniing. Thanks for posting!  (Submitted by: Dorie on September 27, 2011)
  As a professional organizer, I found this article very interesting. I own most of the crystals you described and carry some with me whenever I start a project in someone's home. If the client is agreeable I will do a whole house cleansing before beginning work to sweep the negative energies out of the home or office. One thing I tell all clients is this..."If you hold onto everything, then nothing has value." Just thought I would put that out there for those who may read this....
Love and Light,
Becky  (Submitted by: Becky on July 02, 2010)

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