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Crystals to Aid in Selling Your Home
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Crystals to Aid in Selling Your Home
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Subject: Crystals to Aid in Selling Your Home
Date: 07/15/10
From: Arta
To: Healing Crystals


I have had my house on the market for a year. Both listings expired with absolutely no offers from the different listing agents I had. I came across your website while surfing the web as to my house is not selling. What are the best products to use in order to have some positive energy flow through the home to get some offers? I have even tried the Saint Anthony statue. Nothing has worked, Help!!!!





Good Morning,

I would first suggest smudging the entire home. Just to move out the dense energy (frustration, fear of not selling, etc). Here is an article that goes into detail about how to smudge.

As you smudge your home, you may want to repeat your intent as you go around the house. "Thank you for connecting this home with its new owners. May they live many healthy and happy years here." Or "It is my intent that this home be filled with positive energies, selling quickly and effortlessly." Just way what is in your heart. Just make sure it is positive. :)

I also want to recommend this article in our Healing Crystals Archive. A very similar question was asked back in May and I think the crystal recommendations may benefit your situation as well:

You may want to consider placing some Opal in your home. Opal is a stone that makes wishes come true and changes to occur. It is also a very good piece to use when working on any type of business venture.

Vesuvianite is not only good when dealing with any type of business (or business partner like your listing agents), it also helps to clear negative and/or repetitive thought patterns from the mental and emotional bodies. Think of the many times you may have said to yourself, "Why isn't the house selling?", etc.

To infuse the home and persons in the home with positive energy, try some Turquoise. Turquoise enhances a positive attitude and positive energy.

Try placing a few crystal pyramids around the home. Pyramids can be used to draw away negative (or lower vibrational frequency) energies transmuting these energies into vibrant, positive, higher vibrational energies.

Other stones that can help to fill the space with positive energy would include:

Rose Quartz
Smokey Quartz

I am sure the house will sell at the exact time it is supposed to. Hang in there and know that everything will work out exactly as it should and when it should :)

We wish you a speedy sale :)

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on July 19, 2010
  I know nothing about this where can I go to get some help I don't know what kind it is I have no Idea  (Submitted by: Frances on November 28, 2010)

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