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Crystals for problem neighbors
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Crystals for problem neighbors
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From: Jessica
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 9:26 AM
Subject: Comment from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones   Dear Madam,   First of all, I would like to thank each and every member of your wonderful team for creating such a truly amazing and awesome website.
Your site is a breath of fresh air and is truly elevating and full of spiritual wisdom. May you all be blessed for all the positive energy you
are creating for all of us!   I would like your advice on the best way to remedy a situation with problem neighbours who are constantly exhibiting anti-social behavior,
and are having excessive numbers of people,such as friends and acquaintances arriving and leaving at all hours of the day and night at the
property where I live. The dwelling I occupy is a multiple occupation property,and the flat directly next to me,always seem to attract negative
people with anti-social and unpleasant habits. The property itself has a troubled history of aggressive,violent and anti-social tenants.   The people who come to visit the tenants who are living next door to me,purposely walk close to my front door without using the rest of the foot
path. They repeat the same behavior when living,and also dump rubbish on my doorstep and everywhere.They and my next door neighbors
produce lots of noise and park their numerous vehicles in inconvenient places for the other neighbors who are living in the surrounding block
of the same property. I have on numerous occasions not been able to park my car,and had to phone a friend of mine,asking her,if I could park
my car in her private garage because of this situation.   I am so unhappy with the behavior of the unpleasant neighbors next to me and their mean visitors. I have tried to find other accommodation,but
have been unable to afford the rental prices so far,as it is very expensive to rent a property in England. Is there any crystal remedy that I could
apply that could minimize this situation,and also protect my family and I from these negative influences? Both my family and I just want to live in
Peace and tranquility,which isn't a lot to ask!   I would be very grateful for your help and advice in this matter. Wishing you light and abundant blessings,   Jessica   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Hi Jessica,
Thank you for your wonderful blessings that you extend to us.  We're grateful that you found us!   We're sorry that you're having such trouble with your neighbors.  I too experienced such negativity with a neighbor and it was difficult to enjoy being in my house.  The first thing I'd recommend is to raise your own vibration.  Light seeks light.  As you work on your own vibration you will find that the negativity will lesson coming toward you.  Since you used the word "negativity", I choose articles  to work with neutralizing and repelling negativity,  just click on the link below.   In addition to the crystals listed in the article, I'd recommend   Black Obsidian which repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts   Black Tourmaline which neutralizes psychic and actual attack   Another article that may be useful is how to set up a crystal grid in your home.  You can use the crystals for protection to "grid" your home from unwanted energies which can repel negativity from coming in from the outside.  You can also "grid" your property - it's like erecting an "invisible" fense against unwanted energy.   You may want to also put up a physical barrier by putting in a small fense or  large rocks to deter people from entering your property.   With Love and Light to you and your neighbors,   Mimi

Posted on August 16, 2008
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