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Crystals for Psychic Protection in the Workplace
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Crystals for Psychic Protection in the Workplace
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Crystals for Psychic Protection in the Workplace

By Lourdes Lebron


Many people who are sensitive have a tough time working in an environment where there is negative or unwanted energy.  For some it is the location itself that is the challenge and for others it’s the people working there.  In this article I’d like to suggest some simple tips to help you deal with this type of situation.

The most important aspect of any protection work is the intention.  You must want the protection and be conscious of your objective for the energy to be effective.  It takes a few minutes a day, but will provide you with mental, emotional, and psychic security against unwanted energy drains.

Before reaching the workplace it is a good idea to energetically protect yourself from head to toe.  This can easily be done by taking the time to breathe for a minute or two before imagining a diamond shield coming up all around you as you take air in.  For some a multi- colored bubble would be easier to imagine and for others a suit of armor.  If you have a strong sense of smell, imagine the aroma of sage forming a protective shell over the body.  When first working with shields, you may need to practice often to feel the energy flowing through you and around you.  Try practicing this technique before going out to anyplace where there may be harmful energies (malls, hospitals, trains, etc...).

Another technique you can use to tighten your aura is to “draw” figure 8’s around you.  The figure 8’s can be traced with an Amethyst, Obsidian, or any other protective stone you are comfortable with.  All you have to do is draw figure 8’s with your dominant hand in the air, in large or small sweeps all over your body.  What this does is tighten your aura so nothing can penetrate it.  This technique can be done as often as necessary.  When you first start using this technique, you may want to try doing it every time you drink water or go to the bathroom.  Although I have suggested using crystals they are not needed.  You can make figure 8’s with your hands, your hips, even your feet.  Use whatever feels right to you.

Some work environments are very public with little, if any, private space.  If you work in such an environment, I strongly recommend wearing crystals, amulets, and/or talismans. You can have a pendant hidden under your clothes, crystals in your pockets, or even on a key ring.  Below is a list of crystals that you may find helpful to have on hand to protect yourself:

Amethyst - used for spiritual protection

Black Onyx - extremely protective and helps banish nightmare

Black Tourmaline - grounds and protects

Bloodstone - used as a talisman against evil spirits

Hematite - protects against negativity, used by warriors for strength

Jet - neutralizes negativity gently

Obsidian - keeps negative entities away

Red Coral - protects against “evil” eye

Ruby – provides strength and courage; use in tangent with black crystals for maximum effect

Smokey Quartz - helps make you less noticed or invisible

Spinel - grounding crystal (if brown or black); helps release negative thoughts

If you have an office or cubicle, you have some more options available to you.  A functional and decorative item to have on hand is a salt lamp.  Not only does it add negative ions into the air to balance it, it also aids in cleaning unwanted energies.  If this is not possible, a bowl of crystals on your desk can serve the same purpose.  The crystals can be all the ones mentioned above.  Just running your hands through the minerals and touching them will provide some support.  An Amethyst Geode also offers spiritual protection and is very decorative as well.

If you don’t have the space for the items previously mentioned, you can take pictures of your favorite protection crystals, deity, or protective symbols and place them under drawers, keyboards, or chairs.  A desk or counter is also the perfect place to keep a glass of water (not for drinking).  Keep this water nearby to absorb negative or unwanted energy and throw it down the sink at the end of the day.

When protecting an office, you can use Selenite in the corners of the room to grid your space.  If you can play music in your space, drumming music helps clear energy and chimes help break up stagnant energy.  When dealing with someone you perceive as having negative vibes, cross your hands, feet, and/or legs to protect your energetic body.  If you can grow a plant in your space, try the herb Rosemary near the entrance to your office.

Many times the best way to protect yourself is to stop the vibes from getting to you at all. To stop a person with negative vibes, visualize a pink ball of light about the person’s head.  Imagine this ball winding around their body as if you were wrapping them up as a mummy. The pink ball twines all the way down to their feet where it then goes into the ground.  The more you use this technique the faster the results will come.  When attempting this the first time, it may not work.   You will need to practice this often in order to become proficient at it.  Some people will need to be bound in pink more often for them to feel the effects.  After someone is bound in pink, they may lose track of their thoughts or just become calmer and easier to deal with.  The pink ball of light surrounds them with the color of love. This is so foreign to some folks, that they just stop speaking for a moment or two.  Winding people in pink can work in group settings too.  I have done this successfully at post offices and supermarket lines.


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Posted on April 13, 2012
  Very informative and the main reason I looked up this site due to negativity especially in the work place-and trying to find a remedy to improve my environment. Thank you-cant wait to try techniques and share with my coworkers.-karen  (Submitted by: karen on February 03, 2013)
  Dear Lovey, Thank you for the kind words. Since you are very sensitive to energy, I am going to suggest two more ways to increase your shielding . One way is to drink water charged with tumbled stones. I would drink water charged with Labradorite and/or Black Tourmaline. To learn more about this we have a video on the Healing Crystals YouTube channel. Although I can't include links in this reply, if you go to YouTube, you can do a search for the video "How to Charge Water with Crystals".

You may also wish to create a small grid that you can keep in your car and/or your home. For this grid, you can use a Clear Quartz in the center surrounded by Black Obsidian and Amethyst. Here is another video on the Healing Crystals Channel that can teach you how to make them. The title of this video is "How to Create Crystal Grids"

I hope that these recommendations and crystals fill your life with love and peace.

Lourdes  (Submitted by: Lourdes L on April 19, 2012)
  Thank you Lourdes!! It's been very challenging for me just going places on a daily basis. The supermarket, clothes shopping,(Phew) driving through certain areas, even passing dead animals throws me for a loop. Sometimes I even get light-heade and disoriented not to mention feeling the anger, fear, etc. The only places I feel safe are nurseries and it does depend on the nursery, bakeries,everyone is happy in a bakery although sometimes very rushed and of course, organic stores food and clothing. Your article is a "God" send because I've been "looking" for a way to shield myself without closing myself off from life-exoereinces, Not an easy thing to do. I've always felt connected to crystals and I am fortunate in having a few of the ones you suggest but I'll have to expand my collection certainly. Any other suggestions about shielding would be greatly appreciated. The weeks before Easter and Passover were very intense!!!


Lovey  (Submitted by: lovey on April 16, 2012)
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