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Crystals for Clearing other Crystals
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Crystals for Clearing other Crystals
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From: David
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 5:26 PM
To: - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Hello!  I wonder, will citrine cleanse other stones?



Dear David~

Greetings and welcome to our shop. Yours is an important question, as crystals that can clear other crystals are of great aid to the busy crystal lovers in the world. Yes, Citrine can cleanse other stones. In fact, there are three different crystals, that I know of, that can clear other stones. They are Citrine, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz Clusters.

As you are aware, Citrine is a highly cleansing crystal. It works on the Root, Sacral, Solar-Plexus, and Crown Chakras, having an overall clearing effect on stagnant or negative energies in the subtle bodies. This clearing away of energetic debris opens one up to a state of allowing, which is part of Citrine's vibration of abundance. This property is also responsible for Citrine's ability to cleanse other stones. The best way to use Citrine for this purpose would be to get a Citrine Cluster to lay other stones upon. Citrine does not absorb negative energies, and it never needs to be cleansed, making it a great pendant stone. Our selection of Citrine can be seen here:

Carnelian is the most well-known crystal with the ability to cleanse other stones. Carnelian has a high vibration, and emits energies of vitality and strength. Able to clear away apathy and depression, Carnelian is able to enhance one's outlook on life. Carnelian's very powerful energies are what gives this stone it's ability to cleanse other stones. Carnelian is best used by placing a tumbled piece into a pouch or box with other stones. We have a nice variety of Carnelian here:  

Clear Quartz Clusters, as long as they're cleansed on a regular basis themselves, can be used for the cleansing of other stones. Clear Quartz can increase the strength of the aura when held in the hand. Known as the Master Healer, Clear Quartz is the most versatile crystal in the mineral kingdom. Working with all of the chakras, Clear Quartz can raise energies to the highest frequencies and is a deep cleanser. You can clear and charge a crystal by placing a crystal in need of cleansing on a Clear Quartz Cluster. We have some Clear Quartz Clusters on this page:

I hope this information helps you in your work with crystals. While there are more stones that are self-cleansing, there are relatively few crystals that actually cleanse other stones. In case you're interested in other methods for clearing your crystals, we have a newsletter article on that subject at the following page:  

Peace and Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on January 06, 2008
  An interesting read. I had been searching to find out whether Lemurian crystals are self cleansing. I read this years ago but have not heard or found any further informtion.  (Submitted by: Tracy on July 21, 2016)
  I was looking evreywehre and this popped up like nothing!  (Submitted by: Kalin on January 17, 2012)

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