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Crystals for Chakra Healing and Astral Travel
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Crystals for Chakra Healing and Astral Travel
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Subject: Crystals for Chakra Healing and Astral Travel
Date: 04/26/10
From: Kelley
To: Healing Crystals

I got everything just fine, but I do have a question about using them. About how long to meditate with them or tape them to my body where the energy stores are (I read that somewhere), before my chakaras start healing? I ask because I'm assuming after my chakaras are fixed, healed, cleansed and balanced I can start enjoying astral projection and the astral plane, which was my REAL motivation/reason for buying them.

Hi Kelley,

There really is no set answer for how long to meditate or lay the crystals on the body before your chakras start healing. Each person has a unique energy vibration and their bodies react to energy healing in a unique way.

I would
NOT suggest taping them to the body in this case. Many healers say that once the crystal falls off, it has completed its work for the day. If you tape them on, this will not occur. For more on Chakra healing, balancing, and cleansing, the lady to go to is Barbara Brennan. She is one of the foremost experts in the chakra field. Her book "Hands of Light" was a best seller. She really goes into detail both scientifically AND metaphysically on chakras/energy centers to help us understand what they really do. Definitely "Google" Barbara Brennan.

Now, I have been known to tape a crystal to my third eye when I go to sleep so that it will not fall off, but the intent is totally different (to help me dream, remember my dreams, etc). If you are doing this chakra healing at night, while you are at rest, or if you want to use the crystals specifically for astral travel at night when the body is asleep, then yes, definitely tape the crystal on. You can also just hold one crystal in each hand, or lay them under your pillow or make a crystal grid under your bed. No matter how you choose to utilize the crystals at bedtime, they will help you to enter that alternative world during sleep.

Crystals that can specifically assist with Astral Travel include:
Blue Kyanite
Snowflake Obsidian
Vera Cruz Amethyst

From my experience, the chakras need continuous work. It is not something that you can do once and that is it. Yes, you can balance them and cleanse them — and you should! And this may help in your astral travel plans. But I have to be honest when I say, I am not sure it is necessary. Why? Because chances are, you have already astral traveled in your dream state. "Astral projection is the ability to leave your body. Everyone leaves their body at night, but before they do leave, they have to put the physical mind to sleep. Most people don't remember this, but when the physical mind is asleep, the subconscious takes over, and this is usually when you do your astral projection. In other words, everybody does it, but they just don't remember doing it."

If you have had a dream that just sticks with you, that never really goes away or that you remember the details so clearly it is as if it really happened? Chances are, you astral traveled :) Write this stuff down. It will help you to learn more about astral projection and the astral plane.

I have often been told that we have a silver cord that attaches our astral body to our physical one. It allows us to travel and explore the astral planes without becoming lost. It is a tether of sorts. I have also been told that if you wake up startled or very quickly, or if you wake up suddenly and are freezing? Chances are you were traveling the astral plane and made the jump back into the physical body way too fast — or you went exploring too far out and the cord went taunt and pulled you back in like a rubber band :) I do not know if this is true for everyone. I am sure we all have our own unique and individual experiences.

My best advice is to simply prepare yourself for sleep and travel :) As you lay with your crystals in your bed (or under it if you have made a crystal grid) or if you lay there to meditate with the intention of leaving the body for a bit, just state what you want to create. Say out loud, very clearly and specifically what your intention is (to leave the body in order to visit the astral plane, etc). Ask that you return safely and bring back with you, the information and experiences that you have gathered on your travels.

Then, just practice. To be really proficient at anything, you will need to practice. Whether it is meditation, crystal healing or traveling to the astral plane you will need to Practice, Practice, Practice.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on April 28, 2010
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