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Crystals for Acne?
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Subject: Crystals for Acne?
Date: 02/25/10
From: Kenji 
To: Healing Crystals

Which crystals do you think it is the BEST for having great skin or eliminating acne? Thanks.

Good Morning :)

I think the best crystal to use by far, for eliminating acne and having healthy skin is Amethyst.

You can utilize the Amethyst in a couple ways. First, you can charge water with an Amethyst and drink the water daily. Or, you can use the charged water to wash and rinse your face.

Here is an article that shares how to charge water with crystals.

You may want to do a crystal healing session on yourself too. While laying still, place Tumbled Amethyst or Amethyst points directly on your face. One on the forehead, one at the chin and one on either cheek. Lay quietly and visualize the Amethyst clearing your skin.

You will want to cleanse/clear your Amethyst after each session.

Try each of these suggestions and see what works best for you. You can also combine the suggestions. I recommend you start with one and add others as you go along.  This way, you can see what works well for you and what may not work so well.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on March 02, 2010
    (Submitted by: Angelspirit on April 25, 2012)

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