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Crystals and Chemotherapy
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Crystals and Chemotherapy
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Hello all!

Im a very happy and satisfied customer who recommends crystals to anybody who will listen.  My aunt recently asked if there was anything she could try while she was getting her chemotherapy and/or anything for bladder/kidney cancer. 

I had a hard time fiding info on the web so I figured I would ask you guys since you also focus on reiki and other holistic practices.  Is there anything you recommend that I can get on your website?  The advice is much appreciated. And dont worry, I know that nothing you say can be consired "medical advice" nor promise any results. =)

Thanks again!



Hello Renay,

Thank you for your order and your interest in Healing Crystals! Your order was shipped today.

Regarding your Aunt's condition:

Generally for Cancer and Chemotherapy:

The best stone for chemotherapy (as well as radiation treatment) is smokey quartz. A very grounding stone, smokey quartz also reduces stress and relieves pain. Smokey quartz dissolves negative energies and negative thought forms that cause disease. Smokey quartz is also very protective.

Sugilite is also a good stone for people with cancer. Sugilite channels healing energy into the body, draws off negative energy, and calms emotional distress. Sugilite also highlights the association between mind and body in the creation and resolution of disease. Sugilite is also very emotionally calming and eases despair.

(I see that you already purchased both of these stones in your order!)

Selenite is another good stone to use when treating cancer. Selenite helps repair damage done by "free radicals" to cell membranes as well as to the cellular structure itself.

Specifically for her Bladder and Kidney issues:

Amber absorbs pain and negative energy and transmutes it to healing energy. Amber cleans and draws disease from the body and assists in rejuvenation of cells and tissues, helping the body heal itself. A powerful healer in general, Amber is specifically noted for use with kidney and bladder issues. Amber is also very protective.

Highly energetic Citrine is useful for infections of both the kidneys and bladder.

Carnelian helps regulate the kidneys and helps with blood circulation and supply to tissues and organs.

Prehinite helps get to the root cause of issues and assists in accurate diagnosis. Prehinite also "declutters," and helps one get rid of unnecessary possessions and thought patterns. Prehinite is also specifically useful for kidney and bladder issues.

I hope this information is helpful. Of course, I must give you the disclaimer that this is not to be taken as medical advice, and is for informational purposes only - we do not promise any results!

Blessings to you and to your Aunt!

Cynthia Adler
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Posted on December 10, 2005
  Found this great post whilst doing a google search today as I want to give a couple of crystals to someone who is about to start 18 weeks of chemotherapy as he has had a tumour removed from his colon/bowel. Are there any specific ones which would be relevant for this particular area? Many thanks for your help. Suz  (Submitted by: Suz on November 16, 2009)

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