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Crystal Stories Contest *closed*
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Crystal Stories Contest *closed*
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Can you state one unusual (or not well known) fact about a crystal you own?


Each person who enters will receive a $5.00 gift voucher to


Misti - "I have a clear quartz cluster that has a distinctive tabby
point...that is also a twin...there are also other twin points on the
cluster penetrating the tabby twin point. I found it so unique that I had
to buy it! :)"

Doreen  - "I have a serephinite which tends to disappear right at times
and when i am looking for it i never find it but it will reappear right
where i left it . it seems to go invisbile when it wants to do its own
thing once it disappered for a whole year and i foundit right were i left
it . i raely move it but it till diappears from my sight only to reappear
again in the same spot especially when i havent even touched it . it truly
has a mind of its own and has made that clear to me. when i do use it we
do have fun."

Patty - "I have a beautiful clear crystal quartz point, exactly a "devic"
my crystal teacher at that time (some years ago...) told me that when I
was ready it could show me something.
actually, at that moment I was unsure about that.....
after about 3 months during every day I was checking if something showing
off......THAT day I seen a face inside!
my deva, my angel , my guide spirit, u name it!
u can see this face on the front by a face of the crystal and at the other
side you can see the profile!
it's amazing!!!!
if someone can help me, I'll post it on my fb wall.
love and light."

Natacha - "My amethysts and citrines don't get along! When I have them
together, the amethyst breaks inside or even breaks in the middle, I had
one that was completely broken in 2, and it has stored securely in a box!"

Laura - "the type of reflection/glow created by labradorite is so unique
that it has its own name: "labradorescence"
another one of my favorite factoids is that the magnetism of lodestone may
be caused by being struck by lightning "

Linnea - "One of my tumbled hematites, instead of grounding me, can
connect me to the universe instead which is the complete opposite. They're
more well known for the fact that they can ground people so I thought that
was interesting. :)"

April - "The biggest aquamarine ever mined was found at the city of
Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1910. It weighed over 110 kg, and its
dimensions were 48.5 cm long and 42 cm in diameter."

Spaseski - "f you want dream regression & facing with your deepest fears
use charoite. It will make you upside down."

Eric - "I had all my crystals out on the floor one day as I was creating a
box to store them in. My cat came up and started playing with the black
tourmaline and wouldn't stop. This cat doesn't play with anything and
hates all things that are toys. I found it funny so I tried taking it away
and giving her other types of crystals. She would not play with anything
except for that piece of black tourmaline. I was amazed. Now she actually
goes to the area that she was first playing with it and meows until I
bring it back out for her. Crazy to see what the cat chose (or what chose

Austin - "I'm not sure how well known this is, but one thing I know is
that my amethyst is really great for when I go to bed! I slip it under my
pillow for more relaxed/deep sleep, it enhances my dreams, rids me of
nightmares, and the one i wear on a rope around my neck protects my third
eye and protects against psychic attacks!!"

Ann - "Citrine can be used for those (like myself) who suffer from
diabetes and i use it in conjunction with my daily medicine!"

Ken - "I have a gold pendant that has a Chinese word meaning "hapiness". I
think many people don't know that if there is
some type of positive word carved on the crystal or gem, then that
particular crystal or gem will amplify the word for the wearer.
In my case, it's a gold pendant amplifying the energy of "hapiness".


***Congratulations to everyone who entered.  They received a Gift Voucher for $10.00 to be used at!***

Posted on August 13, 2011
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