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Below is a list of articles about crystals that we have written about crystals and also our responses to many customer questions.

Contact Us if you have a question about crystals. One of our goals as a Non-Profit company is to to provide information about crystals and to promote the use of crystals as a healing tool.

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An amazing experience with a Lemurian Crystal   ( Sep 20, 2014 )
From: mary ruth Sent: Monday, August 25, 2008 5:10 PM To: HealingCrystals.com Subject: HealingCrystals.com - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones I had to write and tell you about the Lemurian Seed Crystal I just received from you today; I don't know what I was expecting....I had gotten it to meditate with and was very curious b/c I had never...
Chakra Balancing Technique by Medini   ( Sep 20, 2014 )
I find balancing the chakras using visualisations (with white light for clearing) to be the best way.  This can be done at anytime for example when lying down, walking in the park or seated.  Ideally should be done each day and don’t spend more than 10 minutes on the whole process each day. Visualisation is a very powerful process.  At the beginning you may...
Crystals to help purify water   ( Sep 20, 2014 )
Hello...we are enjoying your site on the "Healing  Power of Crystals"....thank you....we refer folks interested in these subtle energies to check it out....We have taken matters another step forward....our company  promotes the use of a counter top water treatment unit that incorporates purification/disinfection by ozonation (article sent).....followed by...
Shopping for crystals in Nepal   ( Sep 20, 2014 )
  Shopping for crystals in Nepal, by Daisy Shlakman I arrived in Nepal equipped with Roxanne my traveling partner and a determination to find out about the local crystal industry.  First stop was Katmandu.  It was the end of the monsoon season and it was still plenty hot and humid.  We got a room with a fan cooled down with cold showers, and went out to hit the...
The rising price of Amethyst   ( Sep 20, 2014 )
Since we have noticed such a dramatic change in the Amethyst market in the past two years, we wanted to post an update for our customers.  We continue to see the price of Amethyst rise.  We believe this is due to a combination of the weakening dollar and the rising demand for Amethyst.  Hopefully when the dollar begins to gain value again, we will see Amethyst prices drop...
Result Pages: [Previous]   1  2  3  4  5 
Displaying 201 to 205 (of 205 articles)

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