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Crystal Families Contest *closed*
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Crystal Families Contest *closed*
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Is there one group/family of crystals that fascinate you more than others? If so why?

Everyone who enters will receive a $5.00 gift voucher


Adanma - Lately I have been fascinated by the Aura Quartz family. I had never seen any until earlier this year. Now I usually have one on me at all times.

Jennifer - I find that I like the quartz family. There are so many different colors and styles. I especially enjoy rose quatz, not only because it is a love gem but because it calms me. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in the june this year, I started having reikii treatments. I received ny first attunement from my master and was drawn to the rose quartz and clear quartz. I also am drawn to amethyst as well.

I was drawn to the rose quartz. It chose me as my healing stone. When I go for chemo treatments, I wear rose quartz pendent, I got in japan. I wear a clear quartz point that I made into a necklace with the point down.

My diagnosis of breast cancer and the use of reiki and the use of stones, have made me a believer.

I don't go anywhere wiithout my gems. I keep a chakra system in my purse, the ones I onlyy use on myself along with tiger eye, and bloodstone for my heart as I am anemic. I carry my rose quartz pendulum too.

Natacha - Quartz family, because they are so many they can be used for everything. And they are really easy to program as well =) yay

Alysia -
The quartz family crystals intrigues me because they look and feel almost exactly the same, but a single chemical component can turn them into rose quartz, strawberry quartz, smoky quartz, and all these different kinds of quartz. I've always been attracted to quartz when I was a young child. I liked the feeling of holding it in my palm and the fact that it kind of looked like chunks of ice and icicles. This last saturday I took a big standardized test that lasted 5 hours and we weren't allowed to bring anything to the test except what was on a designated list. I wished that I could have brought a stone to help me focus, but just then I realized that my watch was made of quartz inside and it made me feel much better!

Ann - HI Lourdes! My favorite would have to be the Turquoise family! Turqoise has always been my favorite color, and the stones are so beautiful! They are wonderfully protective in the way that they draw out negative energy making you feel in a state of love and feel "at home" wherever you are. A very comforting stone! Thank you!

Linnea - I believe and feel all crystals have wonderful and amazing, unique energy and it would not be right for me to try and pick and choose. They're all beautiful and awesome!! :D

Debbie - I think the Quartz family of crystals fascinates me the most. There are so many variations and inclusions and configurations which then have so many different uses and healing energies. I really think that even the most seasoned crystal experts among us have only scratched the surface of what crystals are about and how much they can do!

Austin - My favorite variety/family of crystals would be the Quartz. Probably because the clear quartz is the master healer and it's my go to crystal for all of my healing needs or spell work. I also love rose quartz, and amethyst which is actually my favorite crystal. I use a quartz and amethyst quartz on top of my tarot cards at all times.

Francine - Calcite family. When I hold orange calcite I feel happy yet grounded. And isn't happiness what it's all about?
Body and soul, mind and spirit meet. I do a lot of distant reiki and calcite enhances the energy. Calcium is
a concern for me so this gem also balances calcium.
Blue, yellow, coral, amber, pink, green. What's your favorite color......calcite!! Many of them are associated with the
different chakras.

Patty - quartz family,

I mean, every kind of quartz: clear, smoked, rutiled, citrine, amethist, ametrine, spirit, rose, blue, black, etc...
I love them!!!!!!!

Diane - The group of crystals that I am most fascinated by are the clear crystal quartz. What amazes me is the array of colors that can be found within these crystals. Every turn of the crystal may contain a rainbow of colors. These are also very powerful crystals and can be applied to may situations.

Doreen -jasper family

the reason i why choose the jasper family is because there are so many different types and colors and they truly work well together like a family . each has different role to play just like a real family and when you use all them together they can be seen a unit . even though they work slow the energy when used together each stone grows and matures just like a family . as the stones progress so do you its as if you become one of the family also .


***Congratulations to everyone who entered.  Each of you received a Gift Voucher for $5.00 to be used at!***


Posted on October 05, 2011
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