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Crystal Creativity *closed*
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Crystal Creativity *closed*
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Can you make up a poem about your favorite crystal?

Each entry will receive a $5.00 voucher.

***Congratulations to CSF, Evelyn, Kan, Natacha, Misti, Spaseski, Doreen, Debbie, and Dejauna. They all received a Gift Voucher for $5.00 to be used at!***


Your color is hot
You have prowerful energy
Even you don't have fire
You are my fire opal




Sun on amethyst
cluster: peaks of purpling frost
and endless sparkles.

Evelyn Perricone


Pink is you, and you are pink
You are the light of love
Rose is your name, and love too
Rose quartz



This Perfect Rose Crystal,
the most beautiful quartz of all
Everyone Sees It,
Everyone Loves It,
It's my favorite mineral
This Perfect Rose Crystal.




Peaceful dreams you bring

Calming all my stress away

Transporting me above

To higher realms cast in light

Purple veils reveal

Visions never seen before

I wake up refreshed

My dreams still fresh in my mind

Thank you, Amethyst

For wisdom to guide my way!

Misti Hammer



Swirling deep violet purple rays
To bring your deepest fears on surface
To face with your worst nightmares
To heal & clear your soul from everything that is not Love
To make you shine again in Divine Light




a sea of green is what i see when i look at you
your energy transforms and motivates me
i sleep with you in hands to help build bridges to other times
the times we spend together helps to heal past wounds
i love the way you shelther me from all harm and pain
helping me to see the creators plan

i see a bigger picture when i look through your eyes
i see who i have been and who i am yet to become
teach me to master my craft so that i one day return to my home land
the time has come for us to merge as one
oh moldavite we have become one
by divine intercession our cosmic destiny is forged

your energy may frighten others
but for me i have found home
you balance and ground me
helping me to hold me own
let us re joice in our union
because it is gods will being done



Favorite Crystal Poem
I don't have a favorite crystal
(Though I'm sure there are many who do!)
Whichever I'm holding's my favorite right then
It's silly, I know, but it's true!

So many colors and lessons and gifts
I enjoy each stone for its own way
Of healing and teaching and strengthening me
They've amazingly much to say.

Red Jasper-the first stone whose ?buzz? I could sense
Fits so snug in the palm of my hand.
Blue Lace agate that helps me to sleep when I'm tense
Sends me dreaming of summer and sand.

Amber and tourmaline sent attachments away
Before I knew how to clear myself.
Then there's the many various stones in my house
Adorning each surface and shelf.

A poem about one favorite crystal,
I'm sorry, I just can?t create.
My rhymes are too weak and my thoughts, not real deep-
Because crystals, ALL crystals are great!

By Debbie


A Nightly Crystal Prayer

Crystal of Quartz so bright and clear
Sooth away my doubt and fears
Vibrate into me your light
So that well being will be mine day and night
Your energy so pure is like a true friend
Thank you quartz crystal - until we meet again



Posted on June 02, 2011
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