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Crystal Creativity *closed*
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Crystal Creativity *closed*
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Many of us use crystals as jewelry or for healing purposes. We would like to know what is the most creative use you have found for crystals.

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"I keep crystals in every corner of my bedroom, in my mattress and also around my hallway to raise the vibrational energies, protect usagainst negative energy, and draw in and amplify positive energy". ~ Austin

" When I go to a party, I take with me yellow jade for better food digestion, and afterparty I take bloodstone for alchoholdetoxification :)))" ~ Spaskeski

"I have recently placed programmed quartz crystals into each of my dog's water bowl. The older one, who has a multitude of health issues, has responded extremely well!!!! So easy and so impactful!"  ~ Diane

"A creative way I work with my crystals is to place them in grid formation on my altar to remind me to do something. For example, the prosperity grid I have on my altar isn't necessarily attracting prosperity in itself...its there to remind me to keep my thoughts and words about prosperity positive. Thus helping me to remember that the source of prosperity is within myself. The crystals are just a more inspiring way of reminding me ... better than a sticky note!" ~ Misti
"I used little crystal chips to decorate my notebook and my cellphone :P" ~ Natacha
"The most creative use I have found for my crystals are that if I buy points or clusters, if i just cleanse them and leave them to do their magic/work they will grow on their own and do what needs to be done without me asking or programing them. Seeing that they are alive they have a function of their own and once cleansed of all negativity they will react and grow for their highest and purest good and will communicate with you.  I call it creative because most people program them and already have a set intention on what they want so they hinder the growth of the stones. So I just let them be and go with the flow of the gifts they have for me.  They are part of god's will, as much as me are and his essence works through them as he does us. So I find that if you let them be what they are the surprises are exactly what we need when we need it. We give up the need to control so things grow how they should. This works on all my natural/rough stones". ~ Doreen
"I have two examples of the versatility of crystals healing/clearing properties that just blew me away ... " ~ Debbie
"My dog is a 5 1/2 lb terrier with a very warm and lovable personality. My husband and I were both going through very stressful times, but we always felt better when playing with Mozart. Suddenly, Mozart began having seizures. We ruled out things like vaccinations and such as causes, but seizures continued and were becoming more frequent. A healer/psychic friend spent some time focusing on the issue and concluded that Mozart was trying to heal OUR stress and was taking it on himself, but didn't know how to clear himself of the negative energy. Being such in such a small body, his energy systems and then brain were overloading with the negative energy. She suggested amethyst (which he'd been stealing from me whenever he could, oddly enough)". ~ anonymous
"I gridded his pen with 8 amethyst chips to form a triangle and he drinks amethyst water mixed in with his regular water now every day. He has been seizure free since October". ~ anonymous

"I make healing crystal jewelry, sometimes for specific things, but usually just general inspirations with overall healing energy. Last year a colleague's mom had a severe leg infection and elephantitis (sp?) of that leg that had kept her bed-ridden for weeks. She was sharing her worries with another colleague who has bought my jewelry in the past and that person suggested she talk to me. I researched and meditated and came up with an anklet of about 7 different stones. (the only one I can remember at the moment is Ocean Jasper) The anklet was 20 inches long. She wore it for 24 hours and the pain and swelling diminished so much that they brought me the anklet to make it smaller! Within a week, the mom was up out of her bed, getting to the bathroom by herself for the first time in months and was able to get up and walk around the house several times a day! Unfortunately, the colleague got transferred, so I don't know what happened long term, but when last I heard, the mom was doing much better and the infection was healing". ~ anonymous
"I am continually amazed and humbled by the healing abilities of crystals and I feel very blessed to be able to work with them!" ~ anonymous
"My crystals are my friends! I have over 1,000 crystals and they are all in a cabinet in my room! I ask them for help in my meditations, when I need help or enlightenment with an issue and I also ask them for help when I need to help heal someone else. :)" ~ Linnea

Posted on May 26, 2011
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