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Crystal Astrology Report *8/23-8/30/11*
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Crystal Astrology Report *8/23-8/30/11*
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Aug 24


Due to a Moon-Neptune trine to Gemini in Aquarius, dreams, astral travel and visions are heightened. As I always say keep the journal handy and record any journeys. Lapis Lazuli will assist in understanding any night time travel.

Early morning hours emphasize home and family roots. Soon after healing energy emphasized by Fluorite holds sway in the face of a Venus-Chiron polarized tie, while Virgo and Pisces in opposition lead to greater understanding among loved ones and romance is on the rise. This is re-enforced by a Moon-Chiron -Venus trine later in the morning. A Venus-Uranus off center tie followed by a frictional Saturn-Neptune tie can lead to some challenges in your days activities. Keep an optimistic view point to steer clear of any doubts and Pessimistic thoughts. Mars stirs things up with a 2 hour confrontation with Neptune and Saturn.


Aug 25

Mars moves into Cancer to continue its warpath with a frictional tie to Neptune in Aquarius and later squaring Saturn in Libra. Adding insult to injury the Moon in Cancer unites with Mars stirring the pot of trouble. Mercury is in a battle of wills with Uranus and the day could be a stressful one for us mere mortals. Reducing that stress is no problem when Apophyllite is in your pocket.

All is not a total loss as The Moon in Cancer and a Venus-Pluto trine in earth signs will mitigate some of the discord. It might be a good night to hit the movies and let things go for the evening.


Aug 26

The Moon is void in Cancer until late morning when it moves into Leo, while Mercury is motionless preparing to go direct. The Sun in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces. While Mercury prepares to turn direct, it may seem as if things are a little out of sync in the Universe. A visit to the twilight zone seems to be the order of the day. Kyanite will cut through confusion and chaos with surgical precision, leaving a sense of much welcomed peace. The day is in a holding pattern and a feeling of “we been there done that” strikes as Mercury once again visit Uranus and strange things are bound to happen.


Aug 27

Woo Hoo! Mercury go direct and is ever so slowly picking up speed. The Sun in Virgo make a change creating tie to Uranus which can lead to some surprises with unexpected results. Adapting to change is much easier with Chalcedony’s ability to assist in assimilating the winds of change. Best not to get into any legal stuff and don’t sign anything today, wait until tomorrow.

An encouraging tie between The Moon as it parallels Jupiter looks optimistic and then moves into Mercury and this evening Venus. The Moon-Mercury in Leo union does much to straighten out any techno glitches we may have been experiencing lately. An Pallas in Capricorn and Neptune in Aquarius friendly alliance encourages crafts and game play this evening.

Feminine ire causes concerns as Venus in Virgo meet Vesta in Aquarius. Watch your up’s and q’s around the feminine sex, while the Venus - Vesta play havoc with the psychic realms.


Aug 28


Starting the day off right is a Sun-Pluto tine in earth signs giving a helping hand to complete any unfinished business. The Moon in Leo in opposition with Neptune in Aquarius can deal out some confusion in the primary relationships. This troublesome combination is further turned into chaos as the Moon enter Virgo in late morning. This is a good time to tackle those pesky cleaning jobs you’ve been putting off.

A Mercury-Jupiter parallel gives a early evening boost your intuition.

The bewitching hours lines up a positive Sun in parallel with amiable Venus while the New Moon plays matchmaker with Venus in the early hours of the morning. With its abilities to improve the lines of communication and open the heart to true love, Chrysocolla will get you through this challenging time.


Aug 29

As Jupiter in Taurus prepare to go retrograde tomorrow the push in psychic areas can lead to completion of large scale projects with outstanding results. Anything is possible As the Sun parallels Venus quickly followed by the monthly Moon-Venus union in Virgo. Enjoy cuddling with loved ones and dig into your favorite arts and crafts project to stir the creative juices. Quartz the ultimate stone of creativity will get those juices flowing. A somewhat discordant link from Juno to Jupiter could slow things down a little, but not to worry, The Moon makes another great tie with Supportive Jupiter. The lunch hour provides some decent opportunities as Venus trine Jupiter in earth signs. Jupiter stalls and goodwill is required for all family and acquaintances.


Aug 30

The Jupiter stall instills supreme trust, faith and confidence while it prepares to go retrograde. Unexpected revelations are occurring during the Jupiter station, leading to careful scrutiny of any ventures or travel plans. Venus makes a restrained tie with Juno while Mars spars with Chiron.

The Moons void status  moves into Leo, making this its temporary sanctuary , improving partnerships and alliances. Harmony is certainly lacking as the Sun makes an off-kilter tie to Vesta and Mercury make a frictional tie to Pluto. Moonstone, the great harmonizer will sync all the energies to smooth your day.

Posted on August 23, 2011
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