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Crystal Astrology Report *11/30/16 - 12/06/16*
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Crystal Astrology Report *11/30/16 - 12/06/16*
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WEEK OF 11/30/16 - 12/06/16


Wednesday 11/30/16

Expect to feel a strong sense of destiny today with Mars and Pluto urging you to take those steps that take you where you need to go.  Often we have a calling that we don’t answer out of fear and doubt.  Those worries won’t seem as important during this influence.  What will be important is that you do whatever it is that you’re meant to do.  Trust yourself to know what that is and carry Star Sapphire to focus on taking the initiative that will get you started.  It will be harder to focus on practical things later in the day when the Sun and Neptune move into a square transit.  Don’t allow yourself to feel disappointed if you did not accomplish as much as you expected.  That is a waste of this potentially productive energy.  Instead, reduce your physical efforts and allow your imagination to take over. Azurite will help you use it to see where you are headed and how you will get there.  There are plenty of opportunities ahead to put those ideas into motion.  


Thursday 12/01/16

December brings our only opportunity for Mars and Jupiter to join forces in a trine position for 2016.  This meeting will produce spectacular energy that will infuse your mind, spirit and physical being.  Your focus, will and efforts will be in perfect alignment, making it easy to take action and see results.   You are motivated to initiate change, your imagination is creating new paths to success and you feel comfortable taking calculated risks.  Above all, your attitude will take you far and set you up for success.  Both Mars and Jupiter are in Air signs, so use Vivianite to set your mind on positive and lucrative expansion.  Good things will follow those positive thoughts and Ruby in Zoisite will support you as you take advantage of the opportunities that arise.


Friday 12/02/16

The energy continues to flow in a most positive direction during this new month with a Venus/Neptune semi-square, giving us a glimpse of fortuitous possibilities.  You want to use this energy mindfully to turn those into probabilities instead of unrealistic dreams and fruitless pursuits.  There is that risk during this transit and you need to look hard to see the reality.  You don’t have to buy into whatever illusion is presented or you conjure in your determination to see nothing but absolute perfection.  Dig a little deeper to acknowledge the flaw and recognize the challenges.  Then you will find what you need to overcome them. That is a much more empowering scenario that, not only gets you what you want, but increases your appreciation for what you have achieved.  Chrysocolla will support your efforts to unlock the truths while also enabling you to see them in a positive way.  Carry Black Onyx as a reminder to be cautious and consider all the angles before you commit.  Everything will look much better than it really is within this atmosphere.


Saturday 12/03/16

You are going to get a powerful dose of reality today, but rather than feeling harsh it will be very welcome.  Mars and Saturn are in a sextile transit that will have you feeling practical and purposeful.  Your initial response might be that you would rather be engaged in more frivolous activities.  Remember that things are what you make of them and work done under this influence will be quite enjoyable.  You know what you hope to accomplish and you are eager to take the steps that will get you there.  Saturn is supporting your organizational skills, Mars incites your drive and your will, and common sense will pick it all up and run with it right to the winners circle!  Moss Agate will help you focus on each detail and get it right.  You don’t want to take shortcuts right now.  Use Orange Calcite to see the rewards along the way.


Sunday 12/04/16

Mercury will spend December traveling through the sign of Capricorn, producing energy that is in direct contrast with the daring atmosphere of the Sun in Sagittarius.  While your outer environment seems filled with a cavalcade of activities and opportunities, inwardly you will be feeling very pragmatic.  It will be advantageous to have this energy to draw upon during this busy time.  Your thoughts will be practical and organized, so you can successfully manage the social chaos, the emotional ups and downs and the business of closing out 2016.  Golden Tiger Eye helps you tap into this energy and focus it towards plans, preparations and a reasonable approach when you need it.  Capricorn might not seem like the best energy to retain the kind of happy mindset that you want to enjoy during this time of year, but it may surprise you.    Fluorite enables you to find the humor in almost every situation you encounter.   


Monday 12/05/16

You have an idea, a dream, a wish or goal that you’ve been formulating over time or suddenly popped out of nowhere.  It may be all you can think about right now because the Sun in Sagittarius is a wakeup call to get it out of your thoughts and into the physical world.  This isn’t the time to give in to doubts, worries and fears.  This is your time to act!  Yes, there will be risk, challenges and delays, but the rewards will be so much greater.  Your strength and motivation will make it easy to deal with each issue in stride.  Sagittarius is the wanderer of the Zodiac and the seeker of expansion.  Sodalite will help you set yourself on a similar path where you will achieve mental, spiritual and physical growth.   Use Labradorite to combine the Sagittarian energy with your will, drive and imagination and see just how far you can take this.  You don’t want to waste this opportunity because you have the potential to go all the way.  Have faith in yourself, your abilities and the support of the Universe.


Tuesday 12/06/16

You will feel motivated to do something that helps you and/or members of your society.  Mars and Chiron will not only help you recognize when something is wrong, but they also want to support you as you do something about it.  You always have the ability to change things for the better and this energy will let you focus your power in a positive and beneficial direction.  Mars moves into a sextile with Uranus, amplifying your ambition to make a difference. You won’t be satisfied by seeing positive changes. You need to be the one who makes them happen and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there.  Your thoughts will be filled with innovative solutions that you’re eager to put into action.  Overall this is an amazing day to transform yourself and your world!  Carry Charoite to keep yourself headed in the best direction to feel good and see progress.  Orange Kyanite will attract people and situations who will match your enthusiasm.



Posted on November 28, 2016
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