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Crystal Astrology Report *07/08/15 - 07/14/14*
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Crystal Astrology Report *07/08/15 - 07/14/14*
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WEEK OF 07/08/15 - 07/14/15 

Wednesday 07/08/2015

Mars and Neptune are in a trine and you want to follow your instincts no matter where they might lead.  It is very likely that they will take you to unexpected places and inspire you to take seemingly random actions as you will be led by creativity and spontaneity.   This is exactly the path that you want to follow since you don't want to be limited by things like plans, goals, and expectations.   This influence is all about going with the flow and trusting that where you land is exactly where you are meant to be.  There is a particularly strong Water energy to this transit with Mars and Neptune in the respective Water signs of Cancer & Pisces.  Angelite will encourage you to allow your emotions to rule and to trust the urges that they produce within you.   Malachite allows you to feel comfortable releasing any boundaries that might prevent you from fully experiencing and benefitting from this amazing transit.

Number of the day: 5

The energy of 5 will incite you to seek adventure.  It is around every corner, so use Zebra Jasper to uncover the hidden gems.

Thursday 07/09/15

The creative theme from yesterday continues and grows stronger with a Mercury/Uranus quintile that is designed to enlighten you mentally.  Your mind will be open to all possibilities and you’ll need to find an environment where inventiveness and ingenuity are esteemed above all else.  You will be especially flexible under this influence and you’ll not only welcome, but will actively seek, opportunities to produce something new or refresh existing elements in your life.  This transit will be especially beneficial if you have been longing to try something new but have been held back by existing material obstacles like time, finances or responsibilities.  They will all fall away today and you will be emboldened to discover new experiences and make them your own.   Imperial Topaz will enhance the spirit of adventure that runs through the day. Green Tourmaline will help you to find smart ways to work through any obstacles.

Number of the day: 6

When you forget how good things can really be, 6 presents itself to remind you.  Pink Calcite can bring you to your happy place.

Friday 07/10/15

A Moon/Mercury square will bring us the typical challenges to be expected with those things that Mercury rules like communications and travel.  The Moon’s influence could add a little more stress to things since your feelings will play an important part in the day’s activities.  You will be thinking more with your heart than your mind and your decisions and reactions will come from a place of emotion rather than logic.  This is going to make everything seem very personal and it will be very easy to become hurt or accidentally hurt others.  There is the potential for a deeper understanding of everyone’s motives and agendas. This could be very enlightening as you move forward, but do your best to avoid making any decisions or important moves until the energy clears. It is imperative that you let things go today and don’t hold on to any negative, incidental issues.  Apatite can help you to avoid misunderstandings.  Carry Moonstone to keep your emotions from getting the best of you, while still allowing them to flow naturally.

Number of the day: 7

While the planets will help you build relationships with others, 7 will help you to connect with your soul.  There is much to gain from focusing on your inner core and Scolecite can give you that time. 

Saturday 07/11/15

There’ll be an abundance of surprises and unexpected adventures tomorrow when the Sun and Uranus join up in a square transit.  Yes, it’s a square and they typically produce disruptions and chaotic stress, but at least your day will not be boring!  You want to keep smiling and roll with whatever comes your way to get the best out of this transit. This is forceful energy and you will be driven to be in motion, but you may have a hard time finding a good direction.  Do what you can to slow yourself down long enough to think before you act and do not make any major decisions until there is more clarity in the air.  If there is an area in your life where you need to be knocked out of complacency for your own good, then this transit will be especially friendly and beneficial.  Azurite will provide some much needed patience. Red Tiger Eye will help you find areas to point your efforts that will provide long term benefits.

Number of the day: 8

Maybe things do not come easy...but that doesn't mean that it has to be hard.  Let 8 and Red Jasper show you the fun in your labors.

Sunday 07/12/15

Things are going to feel as if they are taking so much more effort to accomplish today with a Mercury/Jupiter semi-square delaying our progress.  There is a purpose to the delays and that is to give you the opportunity to check, and then double-check, your work and plans.  Take your time and don’t let the pressure of time be a factor that keeps you from giving the slightest detail your undivided attention.   It is likely you will discover something that you overlooked and it will make a huge difference in your results. You may find your thoughts are racing today, so keep Blue Calcite handy to focus and direct that energy toward the areas that need it. Dioptase will keep you from getting stressed out about boundary issues like deadlines and schedules.

Number of the day: 9

Sometimes it seems that your only course is to learn to accept.  But you never need to accept unpleasant situations.  Let the energy of 9 and Black Agate help you put an end to it.

Monday 07/13/15

After Mercury gets done with Jupiter, it is moving into a much friendlier trine transit with Neptune.  Your mind will continue to be active, but now it is imagination and fresh ideas that are keeping it busy rather than worry and concern.  There is a wonderfully artistic flair to this energy so you want to pursue that creative energy and use it to make your tasks and activities more interesting as your day progresses.  Another benefit of this transit is that your instincts will be especially strong and will make themselves known with any bit of effort on your part.  All you will need to do is listen and trust your hunches.  Communications will be entertaining and well-received under this influence, so use Rhodonite to feel free to fully express yourself.   Emerald will encourage you to find worthy outlets for your inspirations.

Number of the day: 1

1 reminds you that you have all the control.  Take the lead and carry Yellow Calcite to make your presence in the world a positive experience for all.

Tuesday 07/14/15

Saturn will give you the chance to rise above any difficult situations and environments that you might encounter – including those that you unintentionally create for yourself! The day begins with a Saturn/Venus square that will bring out a defeated attitude where you just feel as if you expect more than you could possibly attain.  There are a lot of factors adding to these feelings, so you don’t want to just try to ignore them and move on.  Maybe you do expect too much, too little or what you are working towards won’t bring you what you really want.  It is very possible that you will realize that what you think you want isn’t what will bring you the peace and joy that you seek.  Be sensitive to yourself and others and use the energy to consider what is most important and that is how you can turn things around and use it as a catalyst to start fresh when the energy clears.   Mars will step in later in the day and you can use that energy to take those first steps towards change – but don’t make any important moves until you are feeling more confident.  Sunstone will keep your outlook bright and happy.  Sugilite offers valuable introspection. 

Number of the day: 2

2 carries the energy of bringing things together for a greater good.  Unakite will enable you to find the best use of this energy in your own life.



Posted on July 07, 2015
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