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Crystal Astrology Report *06/14/17 - 06/20/17*
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Crystal Astrology Report *06/14/17 - 06/20/17*
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WEEK OF 06/14/17 - 06/20/17


Wednesday 06/14/17

You won't be able to ignore the current of truth that comes at you during tomorrow's Sun/Saturn Opposition.  This is a serious force of energy and you want to be prepared.  You don't have to be swept away by it if you are ready and willing to face this reality.  It may come at you in it's harshest form and it could seem as if this energy is attempting to impair you.  Look past the initial shock and dismay and you will see this is your chance to be responsible and learn valuable lessons from your past and present actions.  Blue Tourmaline will help you see how you can become stronger and more confident by using this energy as motivation.  The Sun is in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius so along with the planetary Opposition is the opportunity of working with Opposite Zodiac signs.  Opposites on the Zodiac Wheel have a similar focus but different approaches.  In this case, Gemini uses it's intellect and determination to direct others while Sagittarius uses the same energies to be free and independent.  Chalcedony can help you combine these energies to figure out how to best deal with authority in a productive and beneficial manner. 


Thursday 06/15/17

Besides its Opposition with the Sun, Saturn is also in a transit with Venus that could produce tension in your relationships and finances.  It is possible that the energy is highlighting existing issues so that you can free yourself of damaging anxieties.  You want to use a very positive attitude when working in these areas and that may be hard to find during this influence.  Don't use this as an excuse to end something if you know that is not what will help you and others deal with the situation.  Hematite can help you avoid hurting others or yourself by reacting to the moment.  You want to find a lasting solution not a short term fix so now that you know more about the real problem you can use that awareness to create healthy solutions.  You are going to have to make a conscious choice between swift closure and allowing yourself patience and time for contemplation.  Use Sodalite to trust you know which course is the best for you and those involved and then follow that path with confidence and kindness.


Friday 06/16/17

Mercury & Pluto will require you to carefully consider all the potential ramifications of your decisions.  This atmosphere of excess caution will make it almost impossible for you to make a choice and act on it or stick to it.  Previous plans and decisions will be reviewed and found wanting of important details.  If you can get past the negativity of this energy then you can use it to productively fine tune your plans to ensure a successful execution.  Serpentine will help you find the optimism you need to make a difference.  Everyone is feeling the tension from the certainty that they are going to make a mistake.  Ideas turn into facts making it easier than usual to say or do something that could be hurtful.  Carry Amber as a reminder of your ability to heal yourself and others.  Often it is as simple as making and/or accepting an apology.


Saturday 06/17/17

Neptune is retrograde until November increasing your sensitivity to outside stimulus, your powers of perception and your ability to hear your own inner voice.  The introspective nature of Neptune becomes even more powerful while it is in retrograde so you have the opportunity to really get to know who you are.  Typically we use Neptune to project outwardly with our dreams and visions.  Now is the time to go inward and see where those ideas are coming from and what makes them so important to you.  Moonstone will help guide you during this period of self discovery.  One of the greatest benefits of this energy is the ability to recognize anything that has been preventing you from creating and realizing personal aspirations.  Use Pyrite to deal with what you have been denying and free your mind from that clutter.  Creativity will flow from all that open space!


Sunday 06/18/17

When the Sun and Uranus are in a Sextile we are eager to adopt new patterns and adapt to changing scenarios.  There is more to this than just going with the flow.  You want to be an active participant in the advancement of your life and you recognize the value of productive change.  Aquamarine will help you discover the best opportunities to diversify.  You will feel less progressive as the day moves on and a Mercury/Saturn Opposition tries to abruptly close your open mind.  Suddenly you have a hard time seeing past the predictability of your daily chores.  You may find just completing those is draining your energy and you have nothing left for ingenuity.  Work with Pink Calcite to keep a light hearted attitude that will keep you from being dragged down by the monotony.  The energy will pass quickly as long as you don’t let it hold you back!


Monday 06/19/17

There is a lot going on in the sky with the Sun, Venus and Chiron sending mixed messages.  You are going to want to choose the ones that will be a benefit and evade those that will elicit stress.  You will begin your day wanting more good stuff with Venus and Jupiter in a Quincunx transit.  Of course you deserve to have whatever you want – but do you know what that really is?  You need to ask yourself if you are going after something you truly desire or simply responding to an energetic push to get more than you need.  Your wants will increase and become more irrational as Venus moves into a Semi-Square with the Sun. Use Rutilated Quartz to ignore the outer world and go within to understand what will really make you happy.  Be responsible for yourself and you will discover how to create that personal satisfaction.  Chiron steps in to peak your interest in learning from others experiences while at the same time holding you back by using self-confidence and trust issues.  Bronzite can help you to know if there is enough to gain that it is worth fighting through your initial resistance.  If not then let it go for now.  There will be better opportunities for guidance.  


Tuesday 06/20/17

Now you are feeling much more good-natured with Venus and Neptune in a friendly Sextile.  As you are moving about and enjoying the freedom of being a social butterfly you are likely to appreciate the expertise and artistry of others.  You are going to want to share your own knowledge and could feel motivated by what others have or are preparing to accomplish. Your mind will be sparking new ideas so carry Tanzanite to know what to do with them. Mercury and Uranus are also in a Sextile so you are working with an imaginative and creative influence.  Fuchsite will show you how to use the inspiration of your surroundings and interactions to create your own magic.





Posted on June 19, 2017
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