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Crystal Astrology Report *02/22/17 - 02/28/17*
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Crystal Astrology Report *02/22/17 - 02/28/17*
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WEEK OF 02/22/17 - 02/28/17


Wednesday 02/22/17

Mars and Pluto are in an intense square, making your goal for the day to accept what comes at you and figure out how to use it to your advantage.  You’re going to start off passionate and driven, as you’re prepared to bring something to completion.  It is likely something of deep value that you have worked hard to achieve and you sense your time is at hand.  When you’re confronted with the unexpected, don’t let it throw you off course.  Your initial reaction will be to fight back for what is yours.  One of the gifts of this transit is to help you understand the source of that emotional reaction to conflict.  It will help you develop a better strategy because struggle is not going to get you what you want.  Lepidolite helps you release what you need to in a proactive manner.  That enables you to get through setbacks and keep moving forward.  If you can proceed from where you really are in the situation - instead of holding on to where you think you should be - then you will achieve far more than you ever expected.  Use Kyanite to let go of your plan and work with what you’ve got.


Thursday 02/23/17

Mercury and Saturn are combining the best of their energies to help you step up and move forward from where you are now.  It will be easier than usual to leave the past where it belongs as you are focused completely on actions you can take now that align you with a bright future.  Your thoughts are positive, clear, practical, and progressive.  Use this energy with Carnelian to get things started with a detailed plan for actions to take now and in the future.  You will see immediate results (although they may be subtle), so work with Emerald to recognize the success you have already created for yourself.


Friday 02/24/17

Delivering and receiving information will be more difficult than usual during a Mercury/Venus semi-square.  Intention gets lost in translation as you aren’t able to express yourself in a manner that represents your true feelings.  Conversely, messages are perceived based on the mindset of the recipient.  If you’re approaching things with an overly cautious attitude then you will be looking for offensive and hurtful implications.  We always find what we seek, but whether it is the truth is another matter.  Rainbow Moonstone can help you be conscious of the tendency to see the negative so you can mindfully steer away from that viewpoint.  Use Celestite to think about your statements carefully so that you can choose the words that represent you in the best light.


Saturday 02/25/17

The Sun is in a few transits today with Uranus and Jupiter and they’re causing you to question everything.  What are you doing?  Where are you going?  What do you want?  It can be a healthy and empowering practice to check in with yourself; but when the only answer you can come up with is “I don’t know” it leaves you frustrated and uncertain.  The secret to this energy is to ask different questions.  What can I do differently?  Where haven’t I gone? What is out there that I haven’t tried?  One of the best ways to manage doubts and worries is to take a different approach.  Uranus and Jupiter are experts at helping you enact change in your life. Turquoise complements Uranus’ energy and will help you feel comfortable taking a risk.  Jupiter's energy combined with Bloodstone reminds you that it’s okay to want more as long as you appreciate what you have.  


Sunday 02/26/17

Those thoughts and feelings that began to rise during the Lunar Eclipse a few weeks ago are ready to continue their journey onward and outward.  Today’s Solar Eclipse in Pisces makes it clear that it’s time to use those ideas and ideals to make good things happen for yourself.  Eclipse energy is always abrupt because it is meant to give you the jolt you need to get moving in the best direction.  The Pisces energy will prepare you to turn dreams and aspirations into fact - but you must work with the energy appropriately.  You need to employ qualities like honor, compassion, humility, gratitude and kindness if you want to create lasting success.  Otherwise you may see results, but they will be brief and reverse in time.  Cinnabar encourages you to go after what you want while acting in the best interest of everyone.     Mars and Uranus are also in a favorable transit that will further incite your need to bring about positive changes in your life.  You run the risk of feeling anxious and agitated when you are working with the intensity of Mars/Uranus.  Chrysocolla helps you be proactive with your excitement and take action before it overwhelms you.

Monday 02/27/17

When Mars & Jupiter are in an opposition it can be a harsh reality check as you are faced with limitations.  They could be outside influences like time, money, and physical resources or internal doubts, inexperience, and insecurities. Consider this your personal Opposition where you get to challenge anything preventing you from what you want.   This gives you the chance to continue your personal transit towards happiness by adjusting your strategy and goals to your benefit.  It may not feel like a good thing as you are initially threatened and defeated, so use Smokey Quartz to help you change that kind of thinking.  Jupiter’s retrograde works well with Petrified Wood to make this a particularly good opportunity to clear out any self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.    


Tuesday 02/28/17

Have you felt pressured to buy into something without having enough supporting facts?  Mercury & Pluto are creating an atmosphere where trust and faith take on greater significance as you question everything you are presented with from within your operating system.  Never mind trusting others…you won’t even feel comfortable trusting yourself right now.  You are going to need to ask the questions that you may have been avoiding, so do what you can to be prepared for the answers.  You’ll know dishonesty when you see it and you won’t be able to continue to accept the lies. It’s time to arm yourself with the truth, so work with Obsidian to make it less scary.  Lapis Lazuli can show you how to use your awareness to create new strategies.



Posted on February 20, 2017
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