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Crafty Crystal Contest *closed*
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Crafty Crystal Contest *closed*
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Many of us use crystals in jewelry, elixirs, grids, and for healing. Do you have any creative and novel ways to use crystals? Please let us know.


The winner receives a $10.00 voucher and all others will receive a $5.00 gift voucher


This is re: the Crafty Crystals Contest. I make smallish art quilts. Two
recent ones I have made include stitched on crystals. One, 'Larimar Blues'
includes a beautiful Larimar bead, clear quartz chips and lapis chips all
hand stitched on, the piece is 15" x 30". (It is in my fb photo file
labled QID pieces.) I also made two pieces w a pentacle, one, 10" x 10"
using amethyst for spirit and clear quartz for the elements/directions,
and a smaller piece, 8.5" x 7.5" using amethyst chip as spirit, sodalite,
carnelian, malachite and clear quartz chips hand stitched on for the
elements. Here is the link:

i have made a medicine wheel with the stones that i have that are
connected to the native american medicine wheel and i meditate within it
when i need to find balance or contact my ancestors for wisdom and
knowledge plus it helps to walk a mile in the shoes of all the signs of
the zodiac it helps to have a wider prespective on things .

I make plant wands. These are like other wands, and have a crystal,
usually a quartz point, at one end, and other decorations such as
feathers, copper wire, small stones added, but are inserted into the soil
of potted plants.


This is not particularly novel, but, more loving. I like to keep a
special, beautiful dish full of clear quartz clusters and points. When I
have another crystal that is tired and needs clearing and recharging I
treat it to a "spa" treatment overnight in the special "spa" dish.

I frequently work with ethereal crystal healing. I place ethereal crystals
in my clients auras or on certain parts of their bodies, or place them on
their chakra centers...the possibilities are limitless!!! These ethereal
crystals will stay with the client for as long as they are needed and then
dissolve away :)

I use my crystals as help in my spiritual growth so that I can get closer
to the Highest Good. I use some of them to calm my temper, to fell divine
love, to achieve uniting my Higher and Lower self, to contact my
guardians, to evolve my chakras. I fell some of them as part of me, they
make me complete person. They help me avoid destructive feelings, like
anger, depression, fear, they teach me forgiveness, joy, hapiness, love,
they help to understand, let go when I need to. I just love using my
crystals in every possible way.

The main way I use my crystals would be lying them on my body for 30
minutes or so to absorb their healing energies towards my health related

I use my crystals in many ways. Either for meditation, lucid dreaming, but
one awesome way I like to use my crystals is through spell crafting. I use
them as a boost for any of my tarot spells or tarot meditations. They are
quite wonderful especially when doing a protection spell for myself/others
or my home! :)

I'm not doing much creative with my stones but I wear one in a neckless
and i can change stones. I sometimes put them in my gloves when im
exercising... and they work pretty well during those times :-)

I use them in my cellphone to protect me from the EMF

***Congratulations to Linda, who was randomly selected from amoung all the correct entries.  She received a Gift Voucher for $10.00 to be used at!***

**And congratulations to all that entered.  They received a gift voucher for $5.00 to be used at**

Posted on July 29, 2011
  I love everything i have bought and so does my grand-daughters  (Submitted by: Dee on July 29, 2011)

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