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Classes & Consulting - Wellness by Karolina Zurawicz    [VCEKAR]
Classes & Consulting - Wellness by Karolina Zurawicz
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Instagram: @karolina_zurawicz

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For Complimentary Systemic Constellation Consultation or Coaching Sample Session please email me at

With over twenty years of experience Karolina is an accomplished wellness practitioner who brings together three transformational tools that result in personal growth, empowerment and inspirational change. 

Family Constellations was instrumental in helping Karolina while in the midst of a personal crisis. A systemic-constellation approach, FC transformed her life at a point when she didn’t know what to do, or where to turn. The virtually miraculous experience helped her to realize that there is a solution to any obstacle that appears in one’s life. After completing hundreds of hours of practice, and successfully resolving her own dilemmas, she now teaches others how they, too, can cultivate this astounding insight for themselves. And she shows how truly accessible it is to anyone who steadfastly applies this effective method for finding the ultimate answer to any problem.

This innovative approach reveals that the family dynamic is a system which influences us in essentially every part of our lives--including health, relationships, career and finances. Determining the place one was born into reveals the position that is thereafter “assigned”; a placement that impacts a person throughout their life, from the myriad of daily decisions made, to the reaction of major, life-altering events. This approach toward accessing love and understanding enables people to comprehend the particular place they hold within their own family; to figure out how to make adjustments so they can take their rightful place in the system, not the place into which they were born, or given. That crucial understanding is how the healing begins. By locating our true station in life we become free and no longer need to repeat the damaging patterns of behavior within our own family; behavior that we’ve been unconsciously repeating out of blind love and fierce loyalty in order to belong, and, ultimately, to survive.

A Life Coach for seven years, Karolina integrates the Family Constellations technique into her coaching work and continually uses this critical tool. She’s been guiding her clients and showing them how they can enhance their lives by developing a better understanding of themselves; how they can evaluate their choices, reduce interferences and refine their decision-making, in order to set better intentions and manifest beneficial outcomes.

Thirteen years as a Reiki Master Teacher has allowed Karolina to continuously work with fields of energy. For her professional training she was lucky to find a remarkable teacher who taught her how to open up her heart with laughter and humor. This guidance helps in navigating her own journey, during which she’s learning much about herself thus opening a floodgate of thoughts and ideas about how Reiki so beautifully complements the energy-work she’s been engaged in her whole life.



Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Classes & Consulting - Wellness by Karolina Zurawicz
Category:Other / Accessories
Classes & Consulting - Wellness by Karolina Zurawicz    [VCEKAR]

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