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Chakra Set - Premium Crown Assortment    [A7CHCRO]
Chakra Set - Premium Crown Assortment
Chakra Set - Premium Crown Assortment photo 2
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Premium Crown Chakra Assortment - This is a special assortment of Premium Crown Chakra crystals that represent spirituality and enlightenment.  We have put these together especially for people who use crystals for their personal growth, in their meditations, or in healing sessions. This assortment contains 4 different stones plus a beautifully designed reference card for the Crown Chakra and a colored pouch especially chosen to correspond with this chakra color.

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(Spirituality, Enlightenment)

Aspects of the Crown Chakra:
- Faith
- Inspiration
- Spirituality
- Selflessness
- Connection to Spirit; relationship with the Universe
- Enlightenment

Location: Top of head
Color Associations: White, Gold, Light Violet

Our CROWN Chakra Assortment Contains 4 Stones
PLUS a Crown Chakra Reference Card with a Purple Organza Pouch

1 Clear Quartz Point (Brazil): amplifies any intention and purifies on all levels; raises consciousness towards enlightenment.
1 Amethyst Point - Dark Purple: opens intuition and promotes selflessness; enhances psychic gifts and higher states of consciousness.
1 Tumbled Fluorite: heightens intuition and awareness of spirituality; links the mind to the universal consciousness; cleanses the aura.
1 Apophyllite: absorbs electromagnetic pollution; helps to restructure old energy patterns and to increase receptivity to spiritual energies.

Other stones good for the CROWN Chakra:
- Herkimer Diamond: helps attune to Universal Spiritual energies.
- Celestite: connects to Divine energy of Angelic realms.
- Danburite: connects heart to crown chakra; aids in Spiritual communication.
- Selenite: opens crown to higher guidance.
- Moldavite: enhances cosmic consciousness.
- Phenacite Crystals: creates higher awareness of Spiritual realms; facilitates downloading of Spiritual knowledge.
- Clear Quartz Points, Lemurians & Himalayan : Clear Quartz is the Stone of Power because it acts as an amplifier for any intention ; raises consciousness towards enlightenment and purifies on all levels.

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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Chakra Set - Premium Crown Assortment
Properties for Stone:Amethyst
Primary Chakra:Third Eye Chakra
Secondary Chakra:Crown Chakra
Crystal System:Trigonal Crystal System
Chemical Composition:SiO2_Silicon_Dioxide
Astrological Sign:Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo
Numerical Vibration:Number 3
Hardness:7 Hardness
Color:Lavender_(light_purple), Purple
Location:Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Tanzania, Uruguay
Mineral Class:Silicates, Tectosilicates
Issues and Ailments (Physical):Acne, Addiction, Alcoholism, Blood, Brain, Bruises, Burns, Cancer, Digestion, Dreams, Dying, Ears, Eczema, Emphysema, Endocrine System, Headache, Headaches, Healing, Healing after Surgery, Hearing Disorders, Herpes, Hormone Production, Immune System, injuries, Insomnia, Itching, Lungs, Memory, Metabolism, Migraine, Night Terrors, Nightmares, Overindulgence, Pain, Parasites, Physically Overactive, Pituitary Gland, Psoriasis, Respiratory Tract, Skin, Skin Irritation, Sleep, Smoking, Swelling, Tumors, Viruses, Weakness, Well Being, Wrinkles
Issues and Ailments (Emotional):Anger, Anxiety, Balance, Coping, Decision Making, Dispel Negativity, Emotional Pain, Fear, Focus, Grief, Loss, Love, Motivation, Nightmares, Peacefulness, Pineal Gland, Rage, Reducing Stress, Selflessness, Serenity
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):Astral Travel, Awareness, Consciousness, Crown Chakra, Dream Recall, Dreams, Harmony, Higher Self, Inner Child, Intuition, Love, Meditative State, Mediumship, Protection, Psychic Abilities, Psychic Ability, Raising Vibration, Telekenesis, Visualization, Wisdom
Extra Grade:Deep dark purple to beautiful light purple color, partially translucent, 10-25%
A Grade:Nice purple dark to light color, partially translucent, >25% Matrix
B Grade:Poor purple color, opaque, >25% Matrix
C: Poor purple color, opaque, >75% Matrix
Affirmation:Infinite possibilities are available to me.
Question:What crystal do you rely on to support your healing efforts?
Properties for Stone:Fluorite
Primary Chakra:Varies By Color
Crystal System:Isometric Crystal System
Chemical Composition:CaF2_Calcium_Fluoride
Astrological Sign:Capricorn, Pisces
Numerical Vibration:Number 7, Number 9
Hardness:4 Hardness
Color:Blue, Clear, Green, Purple
Location:Brazil, China, India, Madagascar, Namibia, United States
Mineral Class:Halides Mineral Class
Issues and Ailments (Physical):ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, Bones, Bulimia, Concentration, Crown Chakra, Dental Pain/Problems, Focus, Fractures, Gallbladder, Healing, Health and Healing, Herpes, Kidneys, Lungs, Memory, Muscle Toning, Nutrient Absorption, Nutrition, Pain, Physical Coordination, Pneumonia, Rheumatism, Sinus Congestion, Spleen, Strengthen Bones, Teeth, Ulcers, Viruses
Issues and Ailments (Emotional):Denial, Eating Disorders, Emotional Balance, Honesty, Negativity
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):Grounding, Healing, Intuition, Manifestation
Extra Grade:See Specific Stone Color for Grading
Affirmation:I am a source of inspiration.
Question:What forms of healing do you find most helpful for physical ailments?
Properties for Stone:Clear Quartz
Primary Chakra:Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra, Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra
Crystal System:Trigonal Crystal System
Chemical Composition:SiO2_Silicon_Dioxide
Astrological Sign:Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo
Numerical Vibration:Number 4
Hardness:7 Hardness
Location:Arkansas, Brazil, China, Himalayan, Himalayan Mtns., India, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tibet
Mineral Class:Silicates
Issues and Ailments (Physical):AIDS/HIV, Burns, Healing after Surgery, Heartburn, Immune System, Kidneys, Memory, Pain, Pineal Gland, Sleep, Thyroid, Toothache, Vertigo, Vitality
Issues and Ailments (Emotional):Acceptance, Emotional Balance, Emotional Healing, Friendship, Harmony, Joy, Perseverance, Reducing Stress Stress/Tension, Stabilize Emotions
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):Affirmation Statements, Amplification, Attract Angels, Higher Consciousness/Self, Higher Realms, Humility, Increase Consciousness, Inner Child, Positive Affirmations, Receptivity to Spirit Guides, Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Guidance, Telepathy, Unity
Extra Grade:Clear, Transparent with minor inclusions, < 10% Matrix/Inclusions
A Grade:Clear, Translucent, Some inclusions okay, 10-25% Matrix
B Grade:Clear and white, mostly opaque, 25-50% Matrix
Affirmation:I am a radiant being filled with all frequencies of light.
Question:What is your most powerful healing tool?
Properties for Stone:Apophyllite
Primary Chakra:Third Eye Chakra
Secondary Chakra:Crown Chakra, Higher Crown Chakra
Crystal System:Tetragonal Crystal System
Chemical Composition:(K,Na)Ca4Si8O20(F,OH)_ _8H2O,_Hydrated_Potassium_Calcium_Sodium_Silicate_Fluoride_Hydroxide
Astrological Sign:Gemini, Libra
Numerical Vibration:Number 4
Hardness:4.5 to 5 Hardness
Location:Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Spain
Mineral Class:Phyllosilicates, Silicates
Issues and Ailments (Physical):Addiction, Allergies, Asthma, Breathing, Crown Chakra, Eyes, Fatigue, Feet, Healing, Long Distance Healing, Lungs, Mental Clarity, Skin
Issues and Ailments (Emotional):Anxiety, Fear, Negativity, Stress, Worry
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):Akashic Records, Angels, Astral Travel, Aura, Clarity, Higher Self, Introspection, Intuition, Meditative State, Past Life Recall, Past Lives, Remote Viewing, Truth, Universal Love
Extra Grade:Ice water clear, transparent, no matrix
A Grade:Very clear, partially transparent, <10% matrix
B Grade:Cloudy, translucent and/or >10% matrix
Affirmation:I trust my intuition and divine knowledge.
Question:Do you use crystals to help facilitate higher communication?
Color:Blue, Colorless, Brown, Violet, Pink, Yellow, Green, White, Clear, Lavender, Purple, Rainbow
Chakra Set - Premium Crown Assortment    [A7CHCRO]
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