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Chakra Balancing Technique by Medini
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Chakra Balancing Technique by Medini
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I find balancing the chakras using visualisations (with white light for clearing) to be the best way.  This can be done at anytime for example when lying down, walking in the park or seated.  Ideally should be done each day and don’t spend more than 10 minutes on the whole process each day.

Visualisation is a very powerful process.  At the beginning you may find it a bit difficult to concentrate.  The more you persevere the better you get at it.

Start from the Root chakra and work upto the crown chakra.  The following colours can be used for each of the chakras:

 Root chakra – Red ruby
 Sacral chakra – Orange
 Solar Plexus chakra – bright yellow
 Heart chakra – Emerald green
 Throat chakra – Light blue / sky blue
 Third eye chakra – Royal blue
 Ear chakras – Reddish violet
 Crown chakra - Purple

Each of the chakras looks like a disc and should have a clear glowing colour (any dark areas that can be visualised need to be cleared)

All the chakras should be large and of the same size.  If some are larger than others then they should all be brought to the same size (this is also done through visualisation) otherwise there is an imbalance.

Using the root chakra as an example, the chakra should show a clear glowing ruby red colour.  Use visualisation techniques to scan the size and dark areas.  If you see any dark areas, visualise a bright white light focused on this area.  Keep focusing for a few seconds - the darkness might fade away or it might not.  If it does not don't force it, let it go and move on (you will do this process again the following day – eventually it will work).  Make a mental note of the size of the chakra.  If it is small visualise it getting it bigger (it is best  if it goes beyond the body's outline)

Keep doing this for all the chakras.

Visualise all the chakras to be the same size and all glowing in their respective colours.
Keep doing this process every day for about a month (note any differences after each week). 

I would be grateful for any comments to be forwarded to the following e-mail address:


Posted on
  I can tell this is going to be very helpful for me! Visualization takes a lot of practice (for me). It is nice there is always room to explore and learn new techniques.  (Submitted by: Sarah Db on January 30, 2012)

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