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Can Amethyst Help Attain OBEs and Lucid Dreams?
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Can Amethyst Help Attain OBEs and Lucid Dreams?
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Subject: Can Amethyst Help Attain OBEs and Lucid Dreams?
Date: 07/04/10
From: Stephen
To: Healing Crystals


I've been searching the web for inexpensive amethyst crystals and was hoping you could answer some questions. First, I should tell you my ultimate goal is to have an out of body experience, spiritual healing, lucid dreaming, spirit guide contact, to access the Akashic Records, etc. I have read where simply placing an amethyst crystal underneath my pillow will help facilitate the OBE.

I have no idea which crystals I need. Does the size of the crystal make a difference? Will a more expensive crystal work better? How many crystals should I buy?

I came close once through meditation alone. While lying on the bed I felt a build-up of energy beginning in my toes and culminating in my head but I did not know how to release it. The next morning when I awoke I got out of bed and nearly fell over onto the floor. My head and upper region felt like it weighed a hundred pounds. This had never happened to me before nor since. Please advise.

Thank you,






Hi Stephen,

You are absolutely right! Many folks use Amethyst crystals under their pillows to help enhance the dreaming experience, facilitate lucid dreaming and increase OBE's as well.

My best advice is to follow your inner guidance and choose what calls to you. Does the size of the crystal make a difference? I do not think it does. Size is not always an accurate indicator of the energy the crystal holds. However, it really is a personal preference.

Will a more expensive crystal work better? Again, I personally do not think this is always the case. Some of my favorite and most powerful pieces are crystals that I found in a box of "throw outs". Some crystals are more expensive due to their rarity, clarity or gem quality. Others are simply priced to what the market will bear. When shopping, just be smart, do your research and follow your inner guidance, always. :)

How many crystals should you buy? Well, it depends :) If you want one to put under your pillow to start, then one will do. If you want to build a grid under your bed to facilitate OBE's and lucid dreaming, then you may want more. Seven to eleven would be a nice quantity for a dreaming grid.

I just finished up a recommendation to someone else who had a similar question. Maybe the answer will be helpful to you as well:

Here is another article in our Healing Crystals archive that talks about OBE's and crystals that are recommended:

I am not sure why you would feel heavy like that upon waking as I have not had that experience myself. What I can share with you is that when I try too hard, I do not get the response I seek. When I simply let go and allow, all kinds of wonderful experiences present themselves. I have had OBE's that were quite unexpected and to this day I remember them in vivid detail.

So, my best advice is baby steps. Take it slow. Step by step. Don't go for the whole ball of wax the first time out. This may be why you felt as you described. You have the ability, it lies inert in all of us. You just need to wake it up (gently) and begin to relearn how to use this tool :)

Good luck to you in your dream time adventures :)

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on July 08, 2010
  I was wondering how do you set up a dreaming grid?  (Submitted by: Jen on July 05, 2012)

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