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AURAURALITE AULMAURACITE (the magical Stone of Truth) or is ...
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AURAURALITE AULMAURACITE (the magical Stone of Truth) or is it?
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Subject: AURAURALITE AULMAURACITE (the magical Stone of Truth) or is it?
Date: 01/30/10
From: Jennifer K
To: Healing Crystals


I have been searching for a specific crystal/mineral and I have not had any luck in finding it. I was wondering if you could help me. The name of the crystal I am looking for is AURAURALITE AULMAURACITE (the magical Stone of Truth).

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Good Morning,

I want to preface this by saying, I love crystals.  I work with crystals every day.  However, some times, I run across something that screams "misleading" and I will admit this was one of them.  Please do not misunderstand, that is just how I feel, and my opinion should not, in any way, deter from the fact that you resonate with it.  My opinion is mine only.  I do not speak for HealingCrystals.com as a whole.

I did some extensive research on this "new find" which was, from what I can gather, found around 2007 in limited supply under very mysterious (i.e. no way to prove) circumstances.  Because this "new find" was only from one source, the prices are ridiculous ($5 a gram with pieces no smaller than 10 grams).  According to the website, you can order no less than 10 grams.

My second phase of research is to go to a reputable geological rock site and see what they have to say.  Remember, these scientific types are not the most forgiving of the metaphysical community, but the geological information appears to be sound.

"An unofficial name coined by crystal healers for a dark submetallic rock that appears, from photographs, to contain Hematite.  They claim it is from somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, but originated from another planet.  In fact, they claim, it's not a rock, it's an advanced alien life form that can be harmed by synthetic materials (e.g. plastic).  It is said to give off a sparkling powder (sounds very much like micaceous Hematite)."

My next point of research was in the naming of this piece.  Someone, whose links you can see below, simply made up the name.  It is not a geologically recognized name in any Rock Guide or reference that I can find.  I sent an email to these folks, asking for a geological report or other data to confirm the make up of this rock.

Here is their response:

Hello Kristi,
It sounds like you are really into geology.  :o)

We would suggest that you do your own testing as our source has the original assay.  We know there was a high % of iron and traces of every other mineral.  And we know it did not originate from this planet and has some very unique qualities.

Mistyc House

If this rock is a real piece, approval through the IMA and registration of the name is part of the process.  Most are more than willing to supply the geological report, when requested.  These folks chose not to. In fact, they suggested I BUY a piece ($50.00 minimum) and pay to get my own report done (they are very expensive $80.00 and up).

I only provide this extensive information so that you can make up your own mind.  If you are like me, you like to have all of the facts before purchasing a piece such as this :)

With that being said, the only website I could find was from the person who made up the name and is selling the hematite included rock.



If you do decide to purchase a piece, I would love to hear your feedback! I am always open to others experiences with their crystals :)

with love and crystal blessings,
Kristi Huggins
Expert Contributor for Healing Crystals

Posted on February 07, 2010
  My 5 star rating is for the rock not the article. Aurauralite is awesome and it is real! I don't think it's fair to post an article completely discrediting a rock you know nothing about! You don't even own one so how are you to know if it is just hematite? What a silly thing to say when you have never even seen one or held one in your hand. Honestly, I had my doubts at first, like most people do, but I have had wonderful experiences with this stone. It literally does speak to you, you just have to be willing to listen. It may have some hematite/iron in it but it is NOT simply just hematite and anyone that just "assumes" this is doing just that! So what happens when you assume something? You make an "ass" out of "u" and "me". Personally, I think, the price is very reasonable for such amazing little energetic stones. Plus Laura Lee always includes extra little free gifts for gridding your homes, towns, etc. If you don't want to spend $50 she offers $25 pendants too. They may not be for everyone just like not all crystals are for everyone but don't knock something until you've tried it. I love these little magical rocks and you just might too! Blessings of love and light! :)  (Submitted by: Angel on January 22, 2016)
    (Submitted by: Jeanny on December 15, 2012)
  In my personal experience the rock is nothing more than hematite. In fact, when meditating with it, it interferes with the body's natural bioelectric field. This gives you a warm, buzzing feeling, but it actually drains you.

The information on Laura Lee Mistycah's site is simply not true. She claims the rock has it's own electrical grounding, but when I hooked up two electrodes to it, I got a reading. Just google hematite and you'll see for yourself that's all it is. It doesn't come from another dimension, it doesn't bring truth into your life, it doesn't put you on your destiny path.  (Submitted by: Lother Avanti on November 25, 2010)
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