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7 Premium Chakra Set - Tumbled Assortment (All 7 Chakras)    [A8CHPR7]
7 Premium Chakra Set - Tumbled Assortment (All 7 Chakras)
Chakra Set - Premium Assortment (All 7 Chakras) photo 2
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Premium Chakra Tumbled Assortment (28pcs.) - This is a special assortment of Tumbled Premium Chakra crystals that we have put together just for people who use crystals for their personal growth, in their meditations or in healing sessions.  This complete assortment contains 28 total stones plus a beautifully designed reference card for each of the 7 Chakras and 7 colored pouches especially chosen to correspond primarily with each Chakra color.

This Premium Chakra assortment includes the following:

Crown Chakra
1 Clear Quartz Point (Brazil): amplifies any intention and purifies on all levels; raises consciousness towards enlightenment.
1 Amethyst Point: opens intuition and promotes selflessness;  enhances psychic gifts and higher states of consciousness.
1 Tumbled Fluorite: heightens intuition and awareness of spirituality; links the mind to the universal consciousness; cleanses the aura.
1 Apophyllite: absorbs electromagnetic pollution; helps to restructure old energy patterns and to increase receptivity to spiritual energies.
* Includes a Purple organza pouch and a Crown Chakra reference card

Third-Eye Chakra
1 Tumbled Chevron Amethyst: enhances vision of all kinds on all planes, from physical to psychic: excellent for introspective work; can deepen meditative states
1 Tumbled Lepidolite: fosters consciousness, connection between physical worlds; excellent Reiki stone and powerful energy enhancer; good for focusing or diffusing energy
1 Tumbled Lapis Lazuli: calms the spirit and helps with purification and inner power; assists in contacting spirit guardians and guides, useful in night magic, clairvoyance, intuition  and psychic protection
1 Tumbled Labradorite: heightens intuition and psychic abilities; protects and helps to strengthen the aura
* Includes a Dark Blue organza pouch and a Third-Eye Chakra reference card

Throat Chakra
1 Tumbled Blue Quartz: activates the Throat Chakra to speak what's on your mind; helpful in finding diplomacy in necessary situations
1 Tumbled Aquamarine: enhances intuition, spirituality and clairvoyance; eases anxiety, fear and restlessness
1 Tumbled Turquoise: helps the soul to freely express and releases us from old vows; promotes honest and clear communication from the heart; useful when enrolling others for help  
1 Tumbled Dumortierite: good for organization and communication; provides emotional support and helps to provide patience
* Includes a Light Blue organza pouch and a Throat Chakra reference card

Heart Chakra
1 Tumbled Moss Agate: nurtures and fosters growth; good for new beginnings and for healing in nature
1 Tumbled Emerald: encourages harmony, domestic bliss and unity; supports balanced partnerships and helps access the spiritual aspects of love, sensitivity and loyalty
1 Tumbled Malachite: promotes fidelity and loyalty and brings harmony; balances the Heart Chakra and is a powerful physical healer
1 Tumbled Ruby: opens and activates the Heart Chakra; brings bliss and protects against loss of energy
* Includes a Green organza pouch and a Heart Chakra reference card

Solar Plexus Chakra
1 Tumbled Moonstone: supports the reproductive and digestive systems; dispels negative emotions and releases negative emotional patterns
1 Tumbled Copal (Colombian "Amber"): transmutes negative energy and is highly protective; never needs to be cleared
1 Tumbled Pyrite: a stone of good luck and helps to attract abundance; promotes physical health and emotional well-being
1 Tumbled Sunstone: alleviates stress, rejuvenates the spirit and dispels anxiety and depression; fosters independence and positive thinking; is a very grounding stone
* Includes a Gold organza pouch and a Solar Plexus Chakra reference card

Sacral Chakra
1 Tumbled Peach Quartz: enables connection between dreams and reality; helps to release energy blockages
1 Tumbled Orange Calcite: increases energy and promotes joy; a very cleansing crystal which helps to release old traumas
1 Tumbled Brecciated Jasper: promotes strength and vitality; sustains and supports in times of stress
1 Citrine Point: a highly protective crystal; transmutes negative energy; heightens self discipline and promotes professional success
* Includes an Orange organza pouch and a Sacral Chakra reference card

Root Chakra
1 Tumbled Black Tourmaline: absorbs negative energy; good for protection and grounding
1 Tumbled Red Tiger Eye: enhances physical security and patience; very grounding and increases sex drive.
1 Tumbled Petrified Wood: enhances connection to earth and nature; brings healing energies to both physical and emotional issues
1 Tumbled Bloodstone: a powerful physical healer; enhances our feelings of power, strength and courage
* Includes a Red organza pouch and a Root Chakra reference card

This product includes all 7 Chakras.  If you wanted to order just one of the Chakras, you can order them separately on the product pages below.

Click HERE to see a list of all the premium Chakra assortments.

Physical and Metaphysical Properties for 7 Premium Chakra Set - Tumbled Assortment (All 7 Chakras)
7 Premium Chakra Set - Tumbled Assortment (All 7 Chakras)    [A8CHPR7]
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