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10,000 Fans Contest! *closed*
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10,000 Fans Contest! *closed*
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Can you tell us what are your top 10 crystals and why?

Congratulations to the 10 winners for this contest, who were randomly selected from all of the eligible entries!

Listed below are the winners and their choices:

“Here are the 10 crystals, in no particular order, that I use most often
rose quartz- loving energy is always welcome
hematite - grounding and protection allows the recipient to feel safe, present and open to healing
Shiva linghams- Balance of energies and receptivity
blue kyanite - balances the chakras and is calming,soothing.... the added bonus it doesn't need cleaned
amethyst- high vibration,clears auras and is peaceful...connecting Heaven and Earth ...of course Earth is Heaven if we see it that way
smoky quartz - grounding, protective and can dissipate negativity
azurite - nodules w/wo malachite inclusion- intuiton and seeking/seeing
citrine- lovely and golden lightfilled
black tourmaline - no negativity here!
quartz crystal points - enhance all "work" on all levels”


“Iolite- Because I love how it feels in my hands, I can feel it's vibrations.
Labradorite- I love to wear it and hold it during meditation. Helps me to focas and I love all the different colors, like it's very own universe inside.
Amethyst- Feels good in my hands and makes me happy.
Clear Quartz- I always have around me, it's in every room of the house to balance the environment.
Smokey Quartz- Is placed around the house as well to clear negative energy.
Kyanite- Is in with my indoor plants and a few outside, to help with growth.
Hematite-I wear to keep balanced.
Fluorite- Helps with meditation in reaching my higher consciousness.
Bloodstone- To increase energy and help with grounding.
Blue Lace Agate- I carry in my pocket, don't really know why. I just like to have it there.”


“I actually find it difficult to make a top 10 list of my crystals, I love them all and they all serve an unique purpose of what I need at different times or depending on the healing work I am doing :)

Although here is a list of which ones I feel drawn mostly to at this time whether I own them or not:

1: Jet - I love its powerful protection and grounding energy as well as the Kundalini energy and it goes well with my Moldavite!
2: Moldavite- I love its high vibrating energy and it helps to raise my own vibration and connect to my higher self. Healing all chakras.
3:Amethyst - I've had it almost my whole life, my birth stone. It helps me to connect with my spirituality and connects my mind to my heart _3
4: Carnelian - I great companion to clear and energize my other crystals but also to boost my life force and creative expression.
5: Blue Topaz- One of my newest companions but I've felt strong for it a long time. It helps me to relax in my emotions which is a great
blessing as an empath. The emotional protection is a blessing as well, when releasing past emotions as well.
6: Flourite - I love its colors and its direct energy. I use it to heal and balance my or other people's chakras as it draws out anything you don't need.
7:Pyrite- I love its shielding nature and I have also found it is a great transmuting stone, especially for my solar plexus chakra.
8: Garnet - I love its deep red color and a great grounding stone which also brings a feeling of intent, power and courage.
9: Angelite - I love the soothing soft and comforting energies from the angelic realm and is always nice to feel and communicate with _3
10: Azurite Cluster- I haven't actually held one of these but I feel strongly for it and as I read the description on this site I understand that it would help me a lot :)”


“1. Enhydro quartz--because I am amazed at the power of ancient water and crystal combined.
2.Moldavite--because I am drawn to the fusion of earth and something other-worldly. The frequency is wonderful.
3. Petrified wood--I love the grounding properties of this stone that takes the space of a tree in its formation.
4. Manifestation quartz--I love the unique and rare properties of a crystal within a crystal. Truly fascinating.
5. Lapis Lazuli--Because it fosters communication and connection with my spirit guides.
6. Ammonite--Because the energy from when these sea creatures lived is very different from seashells from today, it is cleaner.
7. Turquoise--For help releasing co-dependence and healing.
8. Danburite--Because it helps connect with guides and has a very spiritual, calming vibration.
9. Moqui Marbles--For protection and shamanic work.
10. Phenacite--For its healing properties and amplification and connections to Spirit.”


“Here are my top ten picks with reasons:

1) Rose quartz: I keep a ton of rose quartz around my house to basically infuse my environment with loving energies. I found that placing them in the Feng Shui corner of my bedroom has really helped bring more love into my marriage.
2)Black tourmaline: With my husband being a gadget freak, and having to interact with a ton of moody people on a frequent basis, Black tourmaline really soaks up the negative vibes, and harmful emr.
3) Lemurian Quartz: These are the BEST for meditation. So calm, and yet so uplifting.
4) Sugilite: I can strongly connect to Archangel Michael's energies when I'm holding onto some Sugilite.
5) Amethyst: Its my spiritual sobriety crystal, it keeps me from getting too carried away in my materialistic world.
6) Smoky quartz: Works best for grounding.
7) Moldavite: Intense out of the world energies. Can provide some great meditative experiences.
8) Malachite: helps me connect with Archangel Raphael especially when working on healing for health.
9) Apatite: I've been battling emotional eating and have been clinging to my apatite to help out.
10)Pink Tourmaline: To help with love. I have been trying to connect to everyone with love and have been using several heart Chakra crystals for this purpose. I have a love corner at home with my rose quartz, pink tourmaline, manganocalcite and Rhodochrosite.”


“My top ten favourite crystals and why are (in no particular order so as not to offend them!) :

1. Celestite - as I find the gentle energy from this beautiful crystal helps me have very serene sleeps and envelopes me with a comforting feeling.
2.Labrodite - I love this crystal for it's power to protect and I marvel at the gorgeous, intricate colours and patterns you can find within each one.
3. Rose Quartz - This crystal helps me heal and soothe my wounds - psychic and otherwise - against hurts. I find the energy very nurturing and powerful.
4. Amethyst- this crystal is awesome on so many levels. I find the majesty, depth and energy of this crystal truly inspiring and use it daily in meditative practice for focus and contemplation.
5.Clear Quartz- the strength and power is what attracts me to this crystal. The nicks and scratches of the warrior crystals appeal to me as do the inclusions and whisps contained in others. This crystal reminds me of how we are all being forged in one way or another and although from the outside we may appear 'plain', there is a lot going on internally!
6. Turquoise - my love of this crystal goes back to when I was a child. The strength, dignity and power of it is something I always connect with Ancient Egypt and other civilisations who valued and worked with this crystal so lovingly. I feel empowered and strong when I wear this gorgeous crystal.
7.  Fluorite - I love my fluorite divination ball and wand and find them wonderful tools for developing my spirit connection and intuition during meditative and spiritual practices and healing.
8. Black Tourmaline- a must have for anyone wishing to develop spiritually or psychically. I always wear my black tourmaline pendant when working spiritually or entering into known negative spaces. I find this crystal fantastic for protection. Especially against any perceived psychic attacks!                                                       
9. Pink Lemurian - I love this crystal so much and always feel awed for some reason when I work with it. The power and energy of this crystal is remarkable. If it were a person, I imagine it to be a wise old being who has universal knowledge!10. Hematite - I carry hematite with me to work, especially when I know that there may be a stressful day ahead! I feel strengthened and protected by Hematite although not in a spiritual way. I feel like it protects me from my daily life and surroundings and find working with and carrying/holding it very balancing.
10. Hematite - I carry hematite with me to work, especially when I know that there may be a stressful day ahead! I feel strengthened and protected by Hematite although not in a spiritual way. I feel like it protects me from my daily life and surroundings and find working with and carrying/holding it very balancing."


“1.selenite because it found me. it came to me. it is part of me.
2. tree agate. I craved this one until I finally got it. words can't express my love for it.
3.Lithiumcause i need it for my emotional stability
4. citrinecause it brings me money
5. clear quarts gives me unconditional love and protection
6. blue Chalcedonycalms me down
7, aquamarine makes me talk
8. apache tears... good to have on hand for deaths/funerals
9. moss agate... physical healer
10.Lepidolite works same as lithium but combined and with clear!”


“1. Selenite because of its ability to clear and recharge other crystals.
2. Shiva Lingam because of its connection to the kundalini and tantra.
3. Moldavite because of its alien connection, it makes me feel at home.
4. Fluorite because of its ability to calm chaos.
5.Black Tourmaline because it keeps me protected from lower vibrations that don't serve me and removes attachments.
6. Clear Quartzbecause it can do just about anything and there are so many interesting formations.
7. Meteorites because of their "other worldly" origins and the many kinds available.
8. Amethyst because it helps with psychic development and its just pretty to look at.
9. Orange kyanite for helping with sacral chakra imbalances.
10. Rose Quartzbecause it feels so loving and supportive.”


“charoite - because makes me upside down in my dreams
sugilite - beautifull purple colour, spiritual protection
kammererite - magenta purple, love it
tugtupite - the best heart chakra stone
seraphinite - lovely green angelic colour
bloodstone - I'm trolling very well
angelite - relaxing light blue colour, love my pyramid
tourmaline - love it all: blue, pink, green
lapis lazuli - mystic blue
heliodor - yellow solar plexus crystal”


“Wow, it is hard to choose only 10 favorites!
1) black tourmaline-because it is grounding and protective.
2) rose quartz- because soothing yet so powerful.
3)lepidolite- because incredibly relaxing and beautiful color.
4) clear quartz- because so many uses and pairs with other stones, increases energy.
5)yellow calcite- so sunny and beautiful to look at, I get lost in the creamy yellow color, makes me happy.
6)blue calcite- so soothing just to gaze upon the color, but soothing vibes too.
7) dravite- (love all the tourmalines) so grounding but different feel than black tourmaline. very soothing.
8) rutilated quartz- just a wonder to look at, but such great energy.
9)seraphinite- the gorgeous green color with bands of creamy white, just looking at it you can feel closer to Nature.
10) blue chalcedony- so soothing in energy, but soothing to gaze upon as well. The color is a knock out!”

There will be 10 winners for this contest!!!!

Each winner will receive 10 crystals (from one of our crystal assortments) plus a sage stick.

This contest closes on 5/6/12 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced by 5/9/12.

**Please Contact Us with your entry, Attn. to Lourdes, Healing Crystals Contest Manager, with details on which contest you are entering.  Winners will be chosen at random from entries received.**

**Although you may enter as many contests each week as you like, each entrant is only eligible to win ONE Gift Voucher or Coupon Code a week.  No person may enter any contest more than once using multiple email addresses.  Coupon Codes may not be combined with other coupon codes.   One winner per email address.**

**Contest winners will be contacted at the "sender" email used to enter the contest, and the person receiving and replying to the email will be considered the entrant.  Winners can redeem their winning voucher code using the email address provided in the entry when placing their order.**

**Entries become the property of Healing and may be used for promotional purposes. All winning entries will be posted on the Healing website.**

**A winning entry will be chose from all eligible entries and the winning entrant will be notified by the following Wednesday at 12:00pm.**

**Rules subject to change without notice**


Posted on May 01, 2012
  My 10 favorite stones are crystal quartz, bloodstone, carnelian, rainbow moonstone,
rose quartz, hematite, rhodinite, Citrine, tourmaline and amethyst.

I work with these in combination on a regular basis.  (Submitted by: Laurie on May 01, 2012)
  CONGRATULATIONS Healing Crystal Team on reaching 10,000 Facebook Fans - that's brilliant !

No onwards to the other 90,000 LOL :D  (Submitted by: Tavaren on May 01, 2012)

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